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Yes it is!! No it's not!!
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Phantom of the Opera is a good musical

If you've seen the musical Phantom of the Opera, are you for or against it?

Yes it is!!

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No it's not!!

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I haven't seen the play, but the movie is one of the best musicals I've ever seen.

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I love this musical! It's my favorite of all time! The music is very thrilling and powerful. The actors are amazing. The story is fantastic as well

Side: Yes it is!!
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You are asking me if I am for or against a musical, what an enthralling question.

Great story line, outstanding music, and those whom I watched performed excellently!

Side: Never seen it

I saw it in Las Vegas and it has a good musical score and I liked how that chandelier dropped down near the audience.

Side: Yes it is!!
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