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Plants vs Zombies great or bore?

I think it's great to pass the time :)


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I really enjoy Plants vs. Zombies. It is great to determine what strategy to use for each level. I quite enjoy it!

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Great!! ....But I am lame. I can't get passed level 4-? (I can't remember which one it is.)

But I'm lame, I can't get very far.

I'm obsessed with the Slot Machine mini game though.

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I think its a pretty good game! It is a good strategy game and also a lot of people play it a lot.

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I hate it the graphics are very poor and dum all you do is kill zombies, if you want to kill zombies go to Nazi Zombies

Yah Fools

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Srom(12206) Clarified
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Like in Call of Duty World at War or Black Ops? Is that what you mean by Nazi zombies?

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Although it's a cute game to start with, it quickly gets boring and the same strategies keep working over and over again. Unlike a human opponent, it lacks spontaneity and can quickly be mastered after a little while.

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addltd(5133) Clarified
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I am not sure if the game gets boring quickly. I try to limit myself to a level or two in one sitting and try only to do so every few weeks. So far, it has kept the game interesting.

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I am new to gaming but got up to Survival Endless fairly quickly. I feel a well-devised game should get more interesting as it evolves, and unfortunately plants vs zombies runs out of ideas, the only strategy being to throw more and more enemies at you until eventually your board is decimated. There is no subtlety and not much interest at this level, other than starting from scratch and rebuilding the board each time. Also, what is the point of my having accumulated $999,990 and having nothing to spend it on? Why are there no new weapons or strategies at this level? A good idea not fully realised, imho.

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