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Porn sex is nothing like real sex!

In porn sex there's....

no farting

no missed strokes resulting in a bent member

no gaging reflexes

no stoping to pick a pube from your tongue

no cramps

no need for Astroglide (personal lubricant for the ride of your life)

did I leave anything out?


Oh yeah, no emotional connection

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Hmm, yeah, I'll have to agree. But there's also no emotional connection in porn sex that makes sex as good as it can be. (And if you're a dude saying you don't give a crap about the emotional connection, you should go suck a dick). :-)

LMFAO @ go girl!

Of course porn sex has little resemblance to real sex! Porn sex has little to do with making love either! But isn't it a sin that it should be this way? The puritanical way is not what we wish to achieve in the bedroom...but both men and woman are loathe to request what they really wish to occur there. Open up, make your wife, your companion or your live-in lover feel like the King of the Hill and the Goddess of the Winds and I'll show you some great sex. Experiment, experiment and then experiment again. Say it...tell her/him what you may be surprised what comes out of it.

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Man, such hostility! OK, I've added, "no emotional connection" to the list. i don't want to have to go suck a dick, jeez ;)

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iamdavidh(4816) Disputed
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And I say that if you don't like the occassional shagging without all the emotion, you should lick a pussy


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Euori(23) Disputed
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Yes, because girls are the only retarded humans that think a physical activity, sex, should be about the emotional connection, and it's guys that don't care about that stuff. Girls are so lovey dovey and sweet. /Sarcasm.

Benevolent sexism, don't do it.

Hostile sexism, don't do it.

And grow up while you're at it. Sex with an emotional connection is very nice, but don't judge people for making sex what they want it to be.

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Chaplon(3) Clarified
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But u can try WEBCAM SEX , Its give a lot of connection I agree not like real sex but a bit closer to it

Side: sure its real

Another amazing thing about porn sex is that no one falls asleep immediately afterwords and the women never complain that they have a headache. :)

Side: sure its real
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Wow, so much exposure to porn, so little exposure to real sex... Interesting Joe.

Side: Stop watching porn and have sex

Actually it's the other way around. I'm like looking at this porn movie and I'm like, "Where's the part where the guy gets a cramp on his leg?" or "How is it that they don't need Astroglide?" You know, stuff like that.

Side: Stop watching porn and have sex
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Haha, by the way, I just realized some stuff:

1) no farting.

-no farting that we're aware of. It's on tape remember? Edited!

2) no missed strokes resulting in a bent member.

-haha, I'm sure there have been, but why would they show it to us?

3) no gagging reflexes.

-again, none that we're aware of. I'm sure those girls just get told to bend over and keep their mouths shut.

4) no stopping to pick a pube from your tongue.

-that's why they all shave or wax or trim or swallow.. a lot..

5) no cramps.

Neh, I bet there is, but they don't show it.

6) no need for Astroglide (personal lubricant for the ride of your life).

-That's because they spit soooo damn much.

7) Oh yeah, no emotional connection.

-They're "somewhat" actors.... or really, no one cares if they love one another.


Side: Stop watching porn and have sex
1 point

Because they aren't old farts like you and your wife.

Side: Stop watching porn and have sex
1 point


well they are real people, so it is "real sex" (unless it's animated ._. )

But they can edit the tapes, so that's why you don't see the farting, pubes in mouth, missed strokes, gagging, etc.

But for the record, some girls don't gag, and that's something the rest of you should really aspire too (joking kinda but not really.)

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damn those pube hairs!

Side: sure its real
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Porn sex is nothing like real sex, porn sex is ALL Faked. Real sex it's more intimate and fun.

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I agree. Because pornography isn't made to resemble your real sex life. It's meant to be your fantasies. So of course it's not real.

And by the way, there Is gagging in porn, you're just looking at the boring porn. XD

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There most certainly is ALL of that. Shouldn't you add "certain porn sites don't depict actual sex"? I've never used unrealistic porn sites. This is a bit of a exaggeration to the point of a lie.

In the porn (that's free and should be the easiest to access) I find, theres : fat people, small cocks, flat breasts, weird looking breasts, penises, bodies, queefing, (I haven't seen farting yet, though. So what? People don't fart on TV either. They don't want to be embarrassed.), emoshunal connekshun sex, slip ups, stops to take a hair out of their mouth, "mistakes", etc... and no, none of these are filed under special categories that I'm on about. The fat people, small cocked people, etc, all appear in normal porn categories, not a category especially for fat people, etc (although there are categories especially for fat people).

Side: sure its real

OMG.., TMI. ;)

Side: sure its real
1 point

Porn often portrays a scripted and idealized version of intimacy, emphasizing visual aesthetics over genuine emotional connection. In reality, authentic sexual experiences involve communication, consent, and mutual understanding. But a lot of options you can try in real life. I can recommend to visit the escorts in Solothurn, they provide only really hot girls!

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Porn sex is nothing like real sex because of the reasons why it is carried out and because of the negative impacts it generates.

Porn sex, as it is, is a method in which producers earn money and a method where consumers derive oddly attained satisfaction which may even lead to RAPE.

In South Korea, a 14 year-old teenage boy was charged with the rape of a 9 year-old girl because he wanted to replicate the sex scene which he saw in the Porn movie! Both lives are ruined.

Furthermore, porn sex PROMOTES LUST.

Media is an extremely effective method to instill warped thoughts in humans. With access to such things so easily, men will watch it more and get affected more and may carry out weird activities on poor victims.

Hmm, they should just stay at home and wank or get prostitutes. Please, and thank you.

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MrTiz(5) Disputed
2 points

What do you define as 'real' sex? Something that is simply not caught on tape or pictures? 'Real' sex can be carried out for various means - out of intimacy or for procreation. And negative impacts?

Porn does not leat to RAPE. That is a sweeping statement. Slippery slope much? If there was a direct connection between porn sex and rape, porn would have been outlawed, which it still isn't.

14 year-old teenage boy - puberty, hormones and little control and immaturity. Besides he is not legally allowed to watch porn yet - bad example.

Porn sex does not promote lust, it answers the demand for sexual stimulation.

Uh. Yes, media is powerful - what is your point again? So is it the fault of media for making it so accessible or the fault of porn for even existing?

You are assuming that porn will lead to a rapist-raped case - you are not considering that couples could watch porn together as a form of stimulation before 'real', intimate sex.

By suggesting people to get prostitutes, you are not promoting 'real' sex. There is no love involved, it is also a monetary transaction between the customer and the prositiute.


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