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 Possibly clicked on terrorist groups website? (4)

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Possibly clicked on terrorist groups website?

A person said Hail God and Linked to the site

My question is what should I do?

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If anyone has any ideas please post them!

Jungelson(3931) Disputed
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OH LAWDY! Well there's only one thang ya really can doo missa, and that's PRAY! Ask for redemption!


If you google it, "Army of God" is actually a Christian-extremist group operating in the states that is responsible for numerous abortion clinic bombings and other terrorist-like acts. I'm not sure if link I gave is to their "official" website or not.

Anyways... if you want to erase your web browser data thoroughly, Ccleaner is an excellent program.

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you cant permanently delete your history, you cant even delete your trash files completely, they all get saved as 1's and 0's once you delete them. you would have to destroy your hard drive in order to permanently delete your files, but then, your history probably gets saved on a server somewhere so you probably cant delete it at all whatsoever.

Thats an illusion