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Postal and Banking Services should open early, close late!

This is one that always makes me scratch my logical head.  Postal services and banking services are among the two most commonly used and needed everyday services.  Most of us work between 9-5pm (which you need to factor in commuting time, etc. so more like 8-6pm).  Why do postal and banking services open as late as 9am and close as early as 4pm in many places!  That doesn't make any sense.  Then they are closed on the weekends so the only way to use the services is to either sign out of work (use your paid vacation time), take a day off and call-in sick, arrive really late to work or leave really early and hope your employer will not fire your ass.

They should be the first things open in the morning at 6am and the last things to close at 10 or midnight.
If they want to close during the daytime between say 11am to 2pm, that's fine with me.  There's no excuse why they can't open earlier and close later.  


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