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Poverty is self inflicted Those in poverty are victims
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Challenge Debate: Poverty in the United States

Today there millions of people in the United States living in poverty. This debate is whether the MAJORITY of those people living in poverty live as they do as a consequence of their own poor decisions (it's primarily their own fault) or is it the fault of society and capitalize.

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Poverty is self inflicted

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Those in poverty are victims

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I believe that those in poverty are victims of capitalism and social structure. These people do not choose to be poor. Many Americans believe that people in poverty force it among themselves by making poor choices in life, such as not working hard enough, having children before they can afford them, and dropping out of school. However, this is not always the case. The most popular argument is that these people don't work hard enough, followed by not staying in school. These two arguments go hand in hand. Imagine a child is born into a poor family. They must miss school often to help provide for their family. This causes grades to go down, and makes it near impossible to earn a school scholarship. They might not even be able to graduate high school. After they finish the brief schooling they can receive, they cannot afford to head to college, so they look for a job. However, many well-paying jobs require a college degree. This makes it hard to earn enough money to go back to school, earn a degree, and get a better job. It is a vicious cycle. no degree means a harder job for less pay, and they can't afford to go to college. Even if a child does go to school and graduate high school, that doesn't guarantee they can afford college. According to, 83% of Americans cannot afford college. As for having children at a young age that a family cannot support, I realize that this may be a problem. But I believe that there are worse ways to deal with this issue. The parent could have an abortion, and this is something I strongly disagree with. This is essentially murder of a child. Many people may argue that it is better, and they won't have to suffer through this poverty. But in the long run, it isn't fair to deprive the child of a fair chance at life. You could put them up for adoption, which is the leader of these two evils, but that doesn't guarantee them a good home. They could drift from foster home to foster home, but there is no guarantee of how they are treated. It is not fair to blame parents for wanting to protect their child as best they can. There isn't a guarantee the parents decided to have a child either. 1 in 60 women are raped and become pregnant because of that. That may not seem like a lot, but consider this: there are around 165.92 million women in the U.S. alone. That means, on average, 2.7 million women are raped into pregnancy, just in the U.S. Many women keep the child, because it is the better option. According to most victimology studies, humans naturally blame the victim at least partially to make ourselves feel better about what happened, whether it be murder, rape, or poverty. However, in the long run, that isn't fair. I firmly believe that poverty is forced onto people and it is not fair to conclude that people in poverty are to blame.

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