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Power as a Force in Human Affairs

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I created it solely to continue debating Lawnman... but anyone else is welcome to post their own thoughts.

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There is a seesaw of events between law and Corpocracy which do influence each other. It is true that law is an essential element in Corpocracy... but it is equally true that Corpocracy can generate law... though you already knew that.

I'm certain that the cause of this seesaw is a Madisonian principle which dates back to the Constitutional Convention... which states that the primary purpose of government is to "protect the minority of the opulent against the majority". The Constitution/law was designed to ensure this principle, and has existed and grown ever since the Constition was enacted.

There is a solution to Corpocracy. It's called "reason". Reason always prevails over prejudice because it provides means of realizing existing purposes... and the proof that it does so is overwhelming.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Before I begin, you should know I was a young man over two decades ago. Consequently, the observations I share with you are fruits of decades of experience in matters of the sort we are discussing. So allow me to appeal to your experiences as an instrument to expose you to that of which you are already aware via our mutual experiences.

First of all, please explain how ‘reason’ can solve Corpocracy?

Men of reason can prove to officers and directors of Corpocracy that a certain kind of intelluctual outlook ministers to power and wealth. Once these men plant a seed of reason into Corpocracy... it will flourish and grow ( since reason is more appealing than prejudice ) and hopefully lead to the fall of despotic traditions... and to the birth of an age of reason.

Note: Age of Reason = Age of Justified Purposes En Masse.