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Powerful Manhood/Penis Enlargement Treatment


If it got any bigger, I'd need a wheelbarrow.


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Another-Alt(209) Disputed
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If it got any bigger, I'd need a wheelbarrow.

If you got any stupider, we'd need to water you every 24 hours.

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excon(18184) Disputed
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If you got any stupider, we'd need to water you every 24 hours.

Hello hater:

If you COULD beat me in a debate, you would.. But, you can't, so you call names. Everybody here got your number.

Bwa ha ha ha ha.


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Norwich(1408) Clarified
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Howdy there pard, I reckon that's mighty BIG of you.

I guess it must be hard for you to fit into the saddle.

Yes sirree Bob,one small penis for man, one giant penis for mankind.

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Another-Alt(209) Clarified
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I'm still trying to figure out which type of bona fide retard brags about the size of his penis on an anonymous chat board. And we have two of them!

Excon is 80 years old, so I guarantee that thing looks like a sauteed mushroom, and Falutin isn't bright enough to understand that the human penis shouldn't be situated on the head!

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All the down votes came from the lesser endowed. You're just jealous- ha ha

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