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President Obama is a socialist.


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I would say yes. While ThePYG is right about corporatism and how hard it would be to get rid of it, if Obama had his druthers I believe he would opt for socialism. His pedigree predicts it, from hanging out with avowed socialists like Bill Ayers to the political views of his parents, he was raised in the Fabian socialist tradition. We also have his statements on "spreading the wealth" ie, redistribution, the government takeover of GM in which primary creditors got screwed in favor of the worker, and Obamacare. He is definitely a central planner and just because he has not confiscated all private property yet doesn't mean he doesn't want to. So I would say there is move evidence of him being a socialist than there is for him being a capitalist or any other kind of ist.

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Of coerce he is !

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You have no proof.

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I find him more to continue along the trends of a very mixed economy dependent on big government. This includes aspects of Socialism, but the biggest threat here is corporatism, which Obama is in big support of. Socialism is scary, but for Obama to be a true Socialist he would have to disband his unfiltered support of the largest corporations.

Mixed economies, as we see, have become even more dangerous than the threat of Socialism because now we have a bureaucratic mess that is almost impossible to dismantle. The entire economy is becoming dependent on the largest corporations and those corporations are dependent on the strength and cooperation of government. We've created a dilemma in which if we decide to cut back on government drastically (in order to restore independence to the people) we would have to go through major sacrifices (specifically the dependents, whom are the masses at the moment). It's an infused machine of business with government. Socialism was easy to get rid of, but a system like this has too many supporters and dependents (and most of them don't know about the infusion of corporatism and socialism in this new, mixed economy).

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President Obama is a well established corporatist.------------

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