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 Press Secretary Josselyn Berry and a Leftist (5)

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Press Secretary Josselyn Berry and a Leftist

So, Miss Berry has proven who the killers really are and that is those who oppose her views.
Leftist expose themselves daily as Miss Berry has done. 
Yes it is clear that the Left is for gun control as long as the Left has control of the guns!!!!!!!!!!!
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For you Little Spun Out Leftist who live in the Echo Chamber that is your life. Let me explain who Josselyn Berry is. She is or was the Press Secretary for the Leftist Katie Hobbs of Arizona.

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From Keith Olbermann who is a Radical Leftist without question:

This, from AZ Gov


' spokesperson Josselyn Berry hours after the Nashville school shooting, is abhorrent and indefensible. And to go 36 hours without comment?

Barring the most improbable of explanations, she must apologize - and resign.

So what you wild eyed Little Lefty's got to say ?

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So what does Josselyn Berry think “transphobes” look like ?

She stated she could see "transphobes" so can you Leftist help me out with the images Miss Berry is imaging ?????????????

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What's this? Annie Oakley advocating the abolition of firearms!


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That is your existence, you Little Spun Out Leftist who reside in the Echo Chamber. Let me introduce you to Josselyn Berry. She is or was Katie Hobbs' press secretary, a leftist politician from Arizona. You can see more information here.

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