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 Progressive Maxine Waters' Latest Gaffe (2)

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Progressive Maxine Waters' Latest Gaffe

I was a millennial once,” said Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) while giving a speech presumably captured by Fusion. She advised young leftists to "stay woke." To "Stay Woke" ?  The 78-year-old Progressive Waters is confused about the term “millennial” it was coined to describe persons born in the 1980's and 1990's.Just weeks ago Waters claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin had directed military forces into Korea, confusing a similarly sounding three-syllable regional name of another peninsula: Crimea.Last week Waters described President Donald Trump's cabinet as "a bunch of scumbags" colluding with a Russian President's Vladimir Putin's "Kremlin clan" during an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes. Maxine Waters is a career Leftist Hack but it has come time for this washed up dummy to hang up her political career !  
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She is past the point of senility. Both she and Nancy Pelosi need to be sent to the rendering plant for "retired" horses. I'm not convinced that Maxine Water's stupid comments are age related. Liberal stupidity knows no age limits. Waters was just as stupid her whole life as she is now. A mind is a terrible thing to waste....that is why God chose not to give one to Maxine. It would have been a waste!

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"stay woke."

I didn't know what this word meant until I watched Dear White People.

Who in Sam's hell would say this? Not only is crude English, it also makes you sound like a toddler especially since she is a member of Congress.

She has been in way too long. Time to introduce term limits.

This is why we must keep English class mandatory throughout high school. My English isn't perfect, but I can place words together to make a sentence.