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 Progressives are such hypocrites when they claim to be the non judgemental ones. (4)

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Progressives are such hypocrites when they claim to be the non judgemental ones.

I think you could take the majority of Progressives and Liberals, and start a narcissistic anonymous program.

Have you ever seen so many self absorbed people living in their own preconceived world of so called compassion and tolerance for others?

Oh they have all the tolerance in the world for those choosing to live irresponsibly and screwing up their lives. The Left's compassion is overflowing for these selfish irresponsible people.

Where is their compassion for the millions of children having their lives ruined by irresponsible parents? Why is it the Left has more compassion for the drug addict who sells the children's food stamps for a hit, then they do the child?

Why is it the Left never shames the lifestyles ruining our childrens lives? They have no true compassion for our helpless. They think enabling non stop irresponsibility with no fault social programs is somehow being good compassionate caring people who are helping others.
The truth of the matter is that they are enabling the same irresponsible behavior from one generation to the next, never addressing the core reasons for broken families. THAT IS NOT COMPASSION!

They are keeping our children tied to miserable home lives where many of our children are being raised by case workers and government programs.

Newsflash to all Progressives and Liberals living in some lala land of self admiration. You are mostly insecure people who would sentence millions of future children to miserable lives, rather than shame the behavior hurting them.

You are judgemental to Conservatives and Christians for speaking to moral values and behaviors that hurt our children. You have zero tolerance and little compassion for anyone speaking to immoral choices and irresponsible lifestyles that hurt so many of our children.

Live in your dream world of believing you are the compassionate, non judgemental ones. You are anything but!
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"Where is their compassion for the millions of children having their lives ruined by irresponsible parents?" abortion fixes this !

up vote to counter the cowardly down vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finally, an up vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hmmm....I forget, so please remind me:

What Party was in Office in the 1960's when LBJ instituted his "Great Society" Legislation that began the end of segregation? Thus, paving the road to ensure that Blacks were not to be oppressed or judged solely upon the color of their skin?

Which Party has been in Office for the past eight years, during which time our society has a whole has made bigger and more drastic strides than ever before in implementing Political Correctness and tolerance and the Rights of minorities as well as those of aberrant gender and sexual preferences?

What Party was JFK with?

What Party was Bush the Younger with, when he got over 6000 young Americans killed in an ill-waged misbegotten war? And when he said judged all those not in favor of this war as "being against us if you're not with us?"

Which Party was FDR with? And which Party implemented the New Deal, that got us out of a Depression? And though non-judgmental legislation, allowed many discriminated against Americans to get back to work?

My impression of you reading this post.........