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Proof that God has no gender.

If God was a man, He would have put boobs on a woman's back so that men could check out her butt and rack at the same time.

If God was a woman, She wouldn't have made women have periods.



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Wait..., what? No!!!

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He always talks about himself in male gender. There is no gender or sex in Heven(sorry if I disapoint some people), but he is refered to in male form.

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While I see no reason to attribute any particular gender to one god or another, should any of them exist...

It doesn't follow from any of this. These simple things make the assumption that a god would have our personal enjoyment of our short-lived experience on earth in mind. A lot of data suggests that if there is a god, this is not the case.

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Something that doesn't exist can't have a gender.

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That's an interesting argument but the bible is filled to the brim with misogyny... It's pretty obvious the Christian God is male.

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