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Prostitution should be legal and unregulated by the government.


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If it means I get to see some booty bitches dance for me, I am all in!

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There are two questions here:

1. Should it be legal?

2. Should it be unregulated.

I would argue prostitution should be legal is so far as there is evidence that easy access to prostitution services is correlated with a reduce incidence of sexual violence against women.

However, I would also argue that it should be regulated by the government. Prostitutes should be legally required to undergo regular STD checks and supply and use condoms with all customers. Furthermore, there should be regulations as to what activities they can and cannot provide and the minimum age of prostitutes.

I come from Australia where it is both legal and government regulated. We have regulations regarding details such as the minimum distance of a brothel from a school or house of worship and the distance from residential zones. There are also regulations requiring brothels to provide showers (and clean towels) and that each sex worker (and customer) must shower before and after each session. There's also a rumor (so I'm not sure if this is true) that all brothels must be above ground level (at least one story above ground) and that they must provide ONLY stairs (no elevators or escalators) to the floor that the brothel is on. The idea is that if you're too drunk to climb the stairs, you probably shouldn't be in a brothel anyway.

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LizziexLaura(4276) Clarified
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Yeah this makes sense. It almost turns it into a business. Lol eventually tge have to pay taxes :P but i like your point though.

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Promiscuity carries health risks .

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All sex carries health risks, should we outlaw sex? Should we regulate sex?

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Sitara(11082) Disputed
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That is a bullshit argument if I ever heard one. Anyone with brain knows that promiscuous sex carries health risks. Do not respond to me unless you have a clue.

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