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 Putin is missing?! (11)

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Putin is missing?!

The most recent and the most believed news is that he is ill.. yeah ill :\

If a leader is ill, people will usually announce so, especially when there are rumours of him 'missing'. Why risk trying to pass old pictures of him as new one, if he is just a little ill? If he isn't a little ill and he is gravely ill, then they obviously can't keep this thing under the blanket forever. So why even try? 

What do you guys think of this all? 

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He has probably gone walkabout somewhere he doesn't want anyone else to know about. Why else would it be a secret.

The hype is mostly because of public uncertainty as to who would lead the county in his absence, so we'll just have to wait and see if / when or where he turns up again.

Its sure to be announced in the headlines when he does so we most likely won't have to wait very long because the Kremlin confirmed he is planned to meet with Kyrgyzstan's President in St. Petersburg tomorrow (Monday).

Fuck Putin!

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I'm afraid it's a little more complicated than that.

Putin isn't just anyone. When he is missing, people notice. They freak out. They make plans and they want control and they want position. And when I say people, I mean common people, countries, organizations and governments. So, we can't just 'fuck him'.

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A BBC news report on Google news today states that though Putin has not been seen in public since 5th March he has put the Russian navy on alert in the Arctic for military drills and a spokesman for the President has denied rumours that he is unwell - rumours that started after a trip to Kazakhstan, scheduled for Thursday and Friday, was postponed.

This is getting interesting.

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It is indeed. As each day passes with no sighting of Putin, the mystery deepens. IMO he is gravely ill. He is not dead yet, or an announcement would then have surely been made. He is incapacitated for sure. We can only hope he will soon expire.

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He already reappeared, unfortunately seeming perfectly fine.

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Putin is still alive. You should not believe whatever social media is writing about without using critical thinking skills

Putin is a smart guy;avoiding Russia's financial instability by hiding and creating rumors

It is now 2015 and Putin is alive and well and just as cunning as ever.