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Naahh, it ain't Cops get away with murder
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Qualified Immunity protects police officers accused of wrongdoing. Is it a good law?


Everybody, except the cops, can get sued for wrongdoing. It must go..


Naahh, it ain't

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Cops get away with murder

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On the face of it, and as a knee jerk reaction the answer is, the law should be applied equally and without fear or favour to any individual or group.

However, when we consider the nature of the dangerous events the police face everyday, including in some cases, life threatening situations in which, in a state of heightened stress and emotional disorientation they have to make split second decisions whether or not to ''pull the trigger'' to save their own lives and the lives of others, we must recognize that police officers are in a unique position which most of us have never experienced and are therefore totally unqualified to express a fair opinion.

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I think you probably should have added more accurate titles for each stance.

I am all for more police accountability. I think there is a lot of stuff that is brushed aside until a spotlight is added. Still, I think this is an important law to have. There needs to be a reasonable buffer for suits against law enforcement. This is not to say an absolute immunity buffer that prevents all lawsuits, far from that. It just needs to be enough to prevent officers from being hamstrung with a bunch of frivolous lawsuits.

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