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Question Mark guy!! Read debate description!!

Okay everybody, right now, look at the user Inkwell's personal icon. It's a person with a question mark for a head. I do believe it is a createdebate icon, provided by the website. What i'm it just me? Am I crazy? Am I bonkers or is that little question mark person a GIF?? Does he MOVE? It appears so to me!! Help me figure this out!! Please! This is not a joke. Well it kind of is. But answer all the same!


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no, it's not a gif. I checked the file data.

I can't see any movement (and there's no way to add multiple frames to a jpeg), though it if you stare at it the colors seem to fade & brighten, but that's just an optical illusion.

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Movement can also be seen if you're on halucigenetics. Were you on acid at the time ;)

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LMAO....I was and saw nothing!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Yeah or if you are just plain bonkers like Johnny Bahama over there.


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You are BONKERS!

I didn't see it move.


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