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Qymosabi's puppet accounts

Each of the following accounts are puppet accounts created by Quymosabi to upvote himself and downvote other users:






This is not the first time something like this has occurred on the site, and I do not make accuasation like this lightly. Qymosabi has not done a good job even hiding the fact that he created each of these accounts, as can be seen in the similarity of the Icons (each being animated .gifs of people) and the fact that each has been used to downvote the same arguments (check the reward points of each account to see what I am talking about).

Other evidence to support my claim comes from the timing of sign-ons from each account. At the current moment, I am looking at a number of debates that Qymosabi posted arguments in the past day. Each of these arguments has a strangely high score considering the short amount of time they have been posted. The most recent argument was posted in the last 3 hours, and already has 5 votes. Looking at the alleged puppet accounts, each was last online within the past three hours, almost in perfect succession.

If anyone disputes what I am saying, then I am welcome to hear other interpretations of the evidence, however from my perspective this seems pretty damning.

I am going to report each of these accounts, and I call on other users of this site who care about keeping the sites integrity in check to do the same.

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You are utterly and completely correct. I have entertained such a suspicion since first I saw these accounts. I have also noticed that they all employ the same idiosyncrasies and colloquialisms, such as "pimped" and "Bow down to Qymosabi". It is truly pathetic and I have so informed Qymosabi.

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A very pathetic thing of him to do. But its to be expected from someone with such arguments as his.

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Who cares?

You're really whining about how somebody is being stupid on this website?

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No doubt the brother has to do this because very few people agree with his phony victim act. The end is near for some of the phony victims getting a free ride just because they cry racism. HE is bringing his people down by crying wolf much too often.Like Bill Cosby says, "C'mon man!"

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I agree. There is always somebody who has to try to manipulate the system to his own benefit.

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I agree that, most likely, they are puppet accounts; I posited another theory to EnigmaticMan - that they are fellow members of a cult - however, I am opt to believe that they are, indeed, puppet accounts.

i am just wondering, what cult were you guessing????????????????????????

I've no idea which cult. Simply the way in which they act led me to believe that, if they are not one-and-the-same-person, they seem as though they are in a cult. Their odd behavior, mildly different writing styles, and similarities-in-belief would suggest that they've all undergone the "indoctrination" from which a cult gains the trust and servitude of its followers.