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 Race Wars!!! (9)

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Race Wars!!!

Race wars right now in the United States are mostly focused on the war between white and blacks. But why? Because a black president supported riots and shit? I would really love to see the day the people actually being discriminated against due to the history and the conflict behind them could cause. That would be an entirely different race war. 

Look a Muslim they might blow us up lets get out of here. O a Muslim kid ask are you a terrorist? Muslim dressed in all black walks into a building and everyone is terrified, tell me when the last time a black walked into a place and everyone was terrified. 

How about that black ass twisted libertarians? Mexicans are discriminated on a daily basis. O their Mexican their an illegal, when in fact they have spent many years becoming a legal citizen. O hire a Mexican their cheap labor. These things are normal everyday things. Are they even legally able to work their a Mexican.

Give me something that blacks experience on a everyday basis in the job field? Are give me times when you have terrified entire restaurants when you are wearing a clean shirt clean pants and clean shoes. Muslims in their all black hijab and all black chador, they have people that fear them. It is not like their dwelling a AK-47 or wearing war zone dirty clothes. 

Stop it with this shit that you do, Black Lives Matter! Really fuck that entire organization any organization that profits over 100k is no longer a organization for the people. Their a business. But this black lives matter organization make over 100 million a year.

Are black people that retarded? Do you know how much it cost for a case to get to the supreme court? About 20 million dollars for the supreme court type lawyers but to get to that level you first must go through the other courts. So overall about 40 million would do justice. that would include around 600 hours of lawyers on regular pay and around 100 to 200 hours on supreme court level lawyers. 

Why are they not pushing discrimination cases to the supreme court? Because they want to profit off all the hate and the riots. They make money like the government makes money. The only difference is Black Lives matter is not shooting the streets up and stealing oil. But their starting riots and making nothing into a race motivated kill. 

What do you think, what is you're opinion on the matter. 
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The unrest you are referring to is not race war. Look more closely and you will see all races represented on both sides. It is a culture war. Google that and get back to us with a coherent argument..

Thank you about time someone does not just jump into gunning seat. I was close to just deleting the perspective. But than you replied and gave it hope. You and I, I can see us getting along.

excon(13708) Banned
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Hello n:

My opinion??? You're a racist motherfucker..


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How about this stop acting like you are 2 different people. Anyone that is dumb enough to think you and this other ass hat are two different people should be shot dead.

Two different people by physiological studies do not in such a length of time use the same phrases and sound exactly alike. Get over yourself you black ass twisted liberal.

AlofRI(2857) Banned
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My opinion? You, NA, are a racist motherfucker! Not to mention anti-American, anti-"black", anti-any-religion-other-than-a-twisted-form-of-Christianity, on top of which you put terrible sentences together.

Amarel(4984) Disputed Banned
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Tim Scott is black and a Republican.... I wouldn't take anything he says too seriously

Perhaps it takes one to know one you racist motherfucker.

Funor(13) Banned
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My thoughts? You're a racist motherfucker.

NathanAllen(2276) Clarified
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You're a trolling prick.

Funorb(3) Banned
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What a racist motherfucker.

NathanAllen(2276) Clarified
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Stop it with the duplicate account shit. You cricked 2 headed snake.

Firnen Banned
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Disgusting, what a racist motherfucker.