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 Rachel Maddow fails miserably on Trump tax return (25)

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Rachel Maddow fails miserably on Trump tax return

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s breathless “breaking news” hype about President Donald Trump’s tax returns fell flat Tuesday night. The tax returns Maddow obtained were from 2005 and they weren’t even the full return. In fact they were only two pages from his 1040 forum showing how much Trump made and how much he paid in federal taxes.

Those numbers show Trump’s income and tax paid and didn’t give Maddow an explosive story. The returns stated that Trump made $150 million in 2005 and that he paid $38 million in taxes which equaled about 25 percent of his income certainly not fitting the liberal narrative that rich Americans don’t pay their “fair share” or that Trump is a tax evader.

Maddow’s story flopped and destroyed the whole liberal narrative about "The Rich". Rachel opens mouth and inserts foot. 

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Next up; Rachel Maddow interviews an alien at Area 51 and will prove the aliens affected the outcome of the November election.

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You are of course correct and the facts are that Obama only paid 18% taxes in 2015 while Bernie Sanders paid about 13% in 2014.

Maddow and MSNBC are the lowest form of fake news. This is where the Progressives on this debate site get most of their distortions and rhetoric.

Liberals keep showing what total hypocritical extremists they are.

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The question remains: then why isn't Trump releasing all his tax returns? I dare you to say that it's because he's under audit.

FromWithin(8236) Disputed
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I have no idea why he does not release his tax returns. He is not under law required to do so, and from what he has seen from Democrats, they would use the smallest infraction on his taxes to crucify him.

How would you like to volunteer giving every one of your tax returns to people who hate you?

If you looked at every Politican's tax returns in the wolrd, there would be many loop holes used to get out of paying taxes just as we all would use if we could.

Trump actually wants to simplify the complicted tax code so that we could file our income tax on post cards. Ask yourself why Democrats are always so opposed to overhauling our tax code and getting rid of loop holes.

rexwilson(37) Disputed
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He's not required to! He should not give up his tax returns if he's not required to and voters who put him in the White House are not interested in that. It's Trump's enemies who are reaching for anything to use against him.

DBCooper(2194) Disputed
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Rachel MadCow was any epic failure on the tax return because it showed Trump paid taxes.

Why does Trump need to release tax returns if the likes the MadCow can get their hands on tax returns.

Atrag(5546) Disputed
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What the hell is fake about it? Please American stop with this meaningless term "fake new". "Fake news" was when someone makes a completely fake story. This isn't. It is based on fact. The facts are just not very interesting.

FromWithin(8236) Disputed
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There was nothing fake about the actual facts that she presented.

What makes their network fake news is that their entire purpose in life is finding fault with Republicans while cheerleading Democrats.

That is not fair or balanced news, and those of us who voted for Trump agree with his assesment of most of the media. FAKE NEWS!

DBCooper(2194) Disputed
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Fact is the epic failure of MSNBC because MadCow showed Trump paid taxes.

DBCooper(2194) Disputed
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Maddow's failed reveal has been a source of tension between NBC and MSNBC, as NBC is irked that they were not informed about Maddow's stunt and they are reportedly "embarrassed" about it.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow must be getting salty after she had the greatest fake news reveal of all time, as she is now blaming her audience for it.

If it was based on facts then why the meltdown of the MadCow and NBC calling it a stunt.

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Ask any snowflake the following:

You are demanding to see Trumps tax returns. What exactly in them would make you switch your vote from Hillary to Donald?

Snowflake: Absolutely nothing.

Then why the fuck do you care if he releases his tax returns if you can't be persuaded to change your vote.

Snowflake: Because every candidate releases theirs.

So if every president starts a major war, then you would support that war since every president does it.

Snowflake: Absolutely not.

The logic of liberals blows my mind.

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I agree. This seemed to be just an excuse to grab a brief headline. There was nothing scandalous about what was revealed. And odds are somehow she'll get sued or worse for doing it.

I still anticipate there is something really bad hiding in those unreleased tax records but with still no proof of that life simply goes on.

I'm waiting for Rachel Maddow to put on a long robe with a hood. Might as well go all out if you are going to be a Cult of Liberalism Priest, preaching, indoctrinating, and brainwashing as you go...