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Rage Against The Fake Machine

I'm going to tie Fake Machine's nipples together with fishing wire, wrap the other end around the leg of an angry gorilla, then skip around in circles with a large bunch of bananas dangling from my waist screaming, "Here boy, come get your dinner!"

Then I'm going to dangle him over a pot of piping hot gravy and employ a group of sledgehammer wielding midgets to smash the floor with sufficient force to trigger a violent splashback eruption.

Finally, I'm going to staple his little finger to a NASA space probe and fire him towards the Kuiper Belt with only a ham sandwich and a bottle of Mountain Dew for company.


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Too Many Facts

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A pioneer of a higher tier

with a brain wired to inspire fear

via mere dialogue

I launched my spawn into your biosphere

and they hoisted you by the rear

then went and dragged you across a pond

of hungry muslim piranhas on ramadan

bitch I'll make sure the way you die is weird

the way I raised the stack is unequivocal in fact

but only cause' I'm wary of the pitfalls and the traps

you're a pitiful shitty little privy hole of which the most

trivial of crap

is dispensed, and dumped into those

if you won't adapt

you'll get shit down the river-flow in india

interwoven fabric

You know you're survivin' and eatin' to live

when you cut up a Wuwu and season the ribs

while you're deep in the forest with teeth that are his

still in your backside and leaking with fizz

I hope that it don't get infected, and also I hope it ain't semen or jizz

Nom I know that you were beat as a kid

but your mom beats my meat and her breast milk keeps in fridge

like pieces of kids that you reach for and nibble

Along with Joe Biden

who goes slidin'

on five year old hind-ends

you're so slient

you liberal tyrant

when it comes to literal violence

and rape against a five year old's hair

By Joe Biden's nostrils, he really goes there

down into those fibers

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I am going to lubricate the barrel of a rail gun with the blood of Jesus before firing it up your ass, but only after I use pins and nails to stretch out every square nano meter of your nut sack over a wooden board while jerking you off furiously with a glove covered in ghost pepper extract and tiny specs of shattered glass. This is only to be done after sitting down at my computer to make more money than you while receiving a blowjob from your mother and then shrinking down to microscopic size and circumnavigating your bloodstream on a yacht full of capitalist billionaires.

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loopdaloop(158) Disputed
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You want beef?

Because I will open up a steak house on your nipples.

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I'm going to glaze you in barbecue sauce and drop you into a pit of hungry Muslims three minutes after Ramadan.

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