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just wondering, who likes the rain? (purely personal reference only please)

I Like Rain

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i find light rainfall cool, refreshing and comfortable. i honestly can't see why rain is disliked as much as it is.

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Our home on a few acres in the tropics is surrounded by creeks and forest where we have an annual monsoon and cyclone season. Our part of the world comes alive just because of the rain. We can irrigate all through a dry spring and summer but it isn't until it rains that everything changes and the new growth starts.

We've had 1100 mm or 44 inches of rain which is about average for the year so far and hoping winter will bring some more.

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To me, the sound of rain hitting the top of the roof and slapping the ground is calming and adventurous. without rain, their wouldn't be life, their wouldn't be rivers or lakes or even oceans if it never rained. Rain changes the atmosphere of our everyday lives. Rain comes down as fresh water that can be drunk.

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just wondering, who likes the rain

And I wonder, still I wonder, who'll stop the rain.

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I like rain because it's refresh the air, and it's cool, too

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I like the rain if it falls when I'm asleep or on holidays in dry sunny climates. Otherwise it ''dampens'' the spirits, makes outdoor activities such as sport or alfresco dining a less enjoyable experience. You should get the DVD, ''Singing in The Rain'', starring the brilliant Gene Kelly, and watch it when it's dry.

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