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Rap Lyrics

I always hear people cussing rap music.. especially the contents of their lyrics. No doubt they're not exactly the most productive things you can say... but can you actually match (in terms of skills) any of the good rappers lyrics?

You may be able to talk about something better... but can you actually write better?

I can't match them

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I can match them

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I hate to ruin your total points, 1337 which in geek looks like LEET, which is short for elite, which means you are pro.


When a rapper drops a sick rhyme that makes me think about what they just said, I realize I am thinking about a few rap lyrics from a deep perspective. When I listen to any other music I don't do that. When its country I know that guy's girl bashed his truck up, it is evident. Same with rock stars and all of the like.

Rap is different, they say things that I may not say to my mother but the way in which the good rappers say them is inspiring. Something I don't really get with any other form of music.

I know I can't match them.

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I hate to ruin your total points, 1337 which in geek looks like LEET


You can EMPATHISE with rap ;)

I know what you're saying. It appeals to a certain side of you.

Even those murderous lyrics sound good when a good rapper does his thing.

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The lyrics to Rap Music are sung fast and the lines are hard to remember. Rap Music is good and the older generation should not put it down.

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I can write, but I cannot rap .

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