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Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff (same army) vs Gryffindor and Slytherin

The reason I think this war is much more interesting than the classic 1v1 is that I think these 2 houses brilliantly balance the other out. Ravenclaw's ability to form complex strategies and insanely large memory and quick recall of incantations and coutnercurses/counter-spells combined with the supreme athleticism and undisputed knowledge of herbology and many underrated studies such as charms that hufflepuff dominate will make them a powerhouse when it comes to a war that is drawn out.

On the other hand, slytherins alone would probably be thwarted as they are less likely to trust each other and in a battle will be less likely to boldly bluff and make huge gambles risking their lives in order to make the enemy back off which Gryffindors are extremely well known for having little to no caution in doing. Additionally, if we combine the ability of Gryffindor to make the enemies suddenly panic in tight situations with their boldness, there's also the added intrigue of slytherins having severely good knowledge of potions and not just chemical warfare but social engineering and such.

Slytherins are also very underrated in the story. It is not talked enough about how many, like Snape, had discovered their own cruel and torturous spells and such. They were the innovators of the wizarding world, this was ignored and barely mentioned at all other than the few times that innovators were found. It is true that ravenclaws innovated as well but slytherins in vented far more, especially when it came to spells themselves.

So what we have here is a severe powerhouse mentally and physically versus a master manipulator and emotional abuser combo.

Which will win? The raw powerhouse or the emotionally abusive gamblers?


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Due to their ability to manipulate combined with something that would become very similar to the current boldness we see from Islamic terrorists (which woudl be the outcome of gryffindor's desperation if it came to a fight to the death) I think that these guys will end up torturing the opponents mentally; if they try to back off, gryffindors go in for the kill like maniacs, if they try to be brave and aggressive, slytherins use potions and tricks like polyjuice potion to underhandedly corrupt their plans and make them fail every attempt.

In a chaotic war, ravenclaws struggle as they are masters of long term battles that have predictability. Hufflepuff is good with plants and physical environment interactions (unicorns etc are known to prefer huffle puffs over other wizards and witches) but the battle wouldn't always be in forests or environment-heavy terrain.

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