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 Re: My strategy to out-point-farm PhxDemocrat? (11)

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Re: My strategy to out-point-farm PhxDemocrat?

To:  instig8or

I mind my own business on CreateDebate but today you went behind my back and you embarrassed me by creating two negative Debate posts with mentioning my screen name and in one of those Debates you claimed that my Debates are dumb.

You went too far today with your harassment, and I have made the decision not to participate anymore on CreateDebate.  So, this is my last post and when I leave, I leave!  I don't return.  It's final.

So, to conclude, instig8or, you now have your wish and I have now resigned from CreateDebate.  Hope you're happy.

Now, it is my turn to embarrass you.  Everyone on CreateDebate, instig8or, will now know the reason why I left here.  It was because of you!
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You don't have to leave, and if you leave it shouldn't be because of Instig8or. No one takes him seriously; he's just a troll. However, point-farming is bad, and hurts the site. You can absolutely stay here, just make sure you're here for the right reasons.

Cartman(18192) Disputed
2 points

You don't have to leave, and if you leave it shouldn't be because of Instig8or.

He does have to leave because he is terrible. You are right that he should leave because of someone else ... me.

No one takes him seriously; he's just a troll.

We have to take him seriously now.

2 points

thanks instig8or!

Thank Goodness you're leaving is all I can say.

1 point

I'm sorry for this... I only wanted to out-farm your points and make it a grand spectacle...

I didn't know you would take it like this.

Hellno(17724) Disputed
2 points

You ran him off before he passed me in points.... haha hahaha!

instig8or(3308) Disputed
0 points

Hilarious, now start earning them faster before I overtake you.

NO!!! Don't do it PhxDemocrat! You were my inspiration when I had just started my account here! You will make a big mistake if you leave! Don' leave because of the idiot instig8or

3 points

So it was PhxDemocrat who inspired you to become a point whore?

Pep talk time:

Are you serious PhxDemocrat?? Don't be such a wuss! This is not even bullying so you either take it or everyone in CreateDebate will know the wuss you are when just only 2 debates are made against you!! BE A MAN!!! In your life, there will always be challenges, it is whether you pick yourself up and move on or you stay down and never learn! Don't back down from a fight just because someone just picked on you for a while! Stand up for what you believe in!

Cuaroc(8829) Clarified
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Then lets hope you follow in his footsteps and also leave.