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Reasons for/against GMO experimentation in open environment

People who worry about possible unintended consequences of genetic engineering are often denounced as ignorant anti-science paranoiacs; But could it be that their concerns are well founded?

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Open environment? That brings up control issue that would cause some problems with the study itself, any study really. A controlled environment for testing is needed. But thats not the issue that is often brought up when someone is discussing GMO's in a negative light.

Often the reasons against GMO's are based on 'unknown' factors which are arguments from ignorance. "We don't know..." or "what if something goes wrong" are not valid reasons let alone solid logical foundations to dismiss an idea or practice.

The definition of GMO is pretty nebulous itself causing even more issues with the arguments of those who rally against them. Practically all of our food sources fit the definition, tomotoes, corn, broccoli and so on.

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