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Republicans vs Democrats on tax cuts

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I think Goolsbee totally nails it in the video below. The huge tax cuts for the rich are too expensive and would not be very effective at boosting the economy. If this guy had Romer's job from the start I bet Obama's approval numbers would be considerably higher right now.

Goolsbee on the tax cuts
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The huge tax cuts for the rich are too expensive and would not be very effective at boosting the economy.

Why should the rich be punished for clear accomplishments in life?

What a surprise? A government stooge.

Basically, the Obama Administration's perceptive is since you succeeded in life, you are going to be punished for that success and give that money to those who are unproductive.

Plus, the simple fix to the "expensive tax cuts" are to cut federal government spending, including military, reform Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, repeal ObamaCare, and privatize NASA.

Ben Stein wonders why he is being punished.

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casper3912(1581) Disputed
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Mathematically, its possible to get greater discretionary income and a larger middle class by progressive taxation. The rich are not being punished, the middle class is being allowed breathing room. The middle class is the one that causes society to advance and grow.

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NuclearFish(182) Disputed
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It's punishment to tell the wealthy to give a little back to their country? I honestly don't believe democrats are the best tax cutters 100% of the time, but I know for certain that tax money goes somewhere.

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MegaDittos(571) Disputed
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Listen carefully- 1:05 "giving these big red eggs to the very high income people would cost 700 billion dollars that we would have to borrow...."

Sir, please explain to me how letting people keep THEIR OWN MONEY is giving them anything??????

WE give OUR money to the US goverment.

Again, keep on explaining it this way and the people will vote against it.

Telling us you are GIVING us our money back just makes our fight that much easier in November.

Also, the least effective way that we can do was shown to us, the last two years.

Last line "We know it doesn't work."

History does not agree with this statement and are we supposed to believe it just because you say so? What about TARP and the stimulus? What happened there?

Most analysts agree, this message will fall flat,we know it doesn't work.

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jessald(1915) Disputed
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Sir, please explain to me how letting people keep THEIR OWN MONEY is giving them anything??????

Wow, six question marks; you must really want an answer.

Yes, he's spinning a bit, but the fact remains that we have two wars and a number of social programs that need to be paid for and the burden for this payment should be distributed through a progressive tax system. Allowing the rich to avoid paying their fair share is tantamount to giving them handouts.

Regardless, that is largely a semantic issue. The core question here is, "Should the rich be paying higher taxes?" And the answer to that is a resounding yes.

What about TARP and the stimulus?

Things would have been worse without them. We could have had a second Great Depression. Most economists agree that the stimulus should've been larger. China's huge stimulus is the reason their economy is doing better than ours right now.

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Even the libs agree .

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Cut taxes on the bottom 98% and bring taxes up on the top 2%. The bottom 98% will get more money to stimulate the economy and GIVE BACK TO THE TOP 2%! Then the top 2% can continue paying higher taxes without their wealth being severely damaged!

How is that not a great thing, God dammit?!

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Going back to JFK, the Democrats are more sincere than the Republicans when it comes to tax cuts.

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1 point

look here now, first tx cuts are good because

1. they stimulte the econmy

2. you don't have to pay muchfor them

3. they kepp people happy

4. you cut wasteful spending

5. peole spend more

Side: Republican side
casper3912(1581) Disputed
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1. they stimulate the economy(ineffectively)

2. you don't have to pay much for them(we need the government to have income, yes the government can be more efficient; however less income increases the likelihood of legitimate and needed programs being underfunded; the negative affects of such a thing could cost us dearly)

3. they keep people happy(which people? not everyone is happy with a tax cut, especially to the rich which the larger middle and poor classes would benefit more from it and cause society to improve more)

4. you cut wasteful spending(or possibly increase debt when the spending doesn't stop, spending by the government and the government's income is loosely and poorly correlated. They are one of the largest financial entities; a cut in income does not correlate to a decrease in spending )

5. people spend more(not as much as though other means, in order for the rich to really put their money to work, there first needs to be enough demand(aka consumer spending) for them to do such; only then can them having more money allow or encourage them to create businesses, which the richest can do with or without tax cuts; rather the upper middle class/lower upper class should receive tax cuts so there is more competition in the market(after consumer spending has increased), we should encourage small businesses to expand rather then large ones to expand)

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1)Democrats waste money by throwing it out the window

2)Democrats lie about what they are going to do with our money

3)Government doesn't create jobs BUSINESSES DO so cut the knots that have been holding businesses down

4)We were the best country in the world when we had no income tax

5)people spend more which goes to business who hire more

if we aren't able to eliminate the income tax in total then we should at least close loop holes

6)the "rich" earned that money just as much if not more then the other classes because they worked hard so i don't think we should say oh good job you did the american dream now you get more taxes

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