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Red Vines Rock! Twizzlers are Tremendous!
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Red Vines or Twizzlers?

I love Red licorioce. Totally addicted.

I eat Red Vines. About one of those big ass six pound jars every three weeks or so.

But most of my friends like Twizzlers. 

So which is it, amigos?

Red Vines Rock!

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Twizzlers are Tremendous!

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They're both really lame candies. Twizzlers wins just for marketing name alone.

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Side: Twizzlers are Tremendous!
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I like to play with them.

I'm going to go get some now. :)

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I did some research on your lead claim.

And found you to be mostly wrong. was only the black red Vines.

And it was in One Batch, with ONE specific recall date, over four years ago.

Plus....that lead level was never even confirmed to be present. The producers of the candy did the recall voluntarily after learning there was a slight chance of the contamination of ONE batch that year out of hundreds.

And since I mentioned only RED Vines and don't eat black, your link was irrelevant to my question anyway.

So I'm gonna go ahead and stick with Red Vines.

Twizzlers are like plastic.

But their watermelon pull and peel are good.

Hope this helps!


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