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 Redskins 2009 NFL Draft (4)

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Redskins 2009 NFL Draft

Who's the BEST prospect the Redskins can legitimately hope to draft this year?

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Brian Orakpo (sp?) from Texas is the best guy we can hope to get. We need help getting to the QB and getting more sacks and more pressure that they didn't get done last year. We lost Jason Taylor, picked up Haynesworth but we need more young talent at the Defensive line and linebacker positions so those guys can develop.

Side: Brian Orakpo
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I would like to see the Redskins beef up the offensive and defensive lines, rather than try to get a big name QB or RB. We've tried that many times and it does not work.

I would vote for someone like Michael Oher, the tackle from Ole Miss. Our offensive line only gives Campbell about 1 second before he gets pressure, so I don't think the issue can be solved by getting a new QB.

Side: Michael Oher
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I think they need to shore up that offensive line. They need someone who can block for Portis, so I'd go with Andre Smith from Alabama. Drafting a QB, RB, or WR or even worse, giving up future draft picks to draft one of these positions would be disastrous. I will burn all of my Redskins gear if they draft Mark Sanchez.

Side: Andre Smith
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Dallas Cowboys all the way.


Side: Dallas Cowboys All The Way