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It's plain ol' madness, Slappy Nah, they're just deluded
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Religion: Madness, or just Delusion?

So, as part of my Psych rotation in my doc program for Evo Psyc, I do an six-hour a week shift at a State Psych Hospital in Pontiac. 

Yesterday I was in the Rec Room watching one of the therapists do a Music Therapy class. There was this middle-aged male patient. Long wild gray hair, sort reminded me of the old Doc character from Back to the Future. So...he's sitting by himself, chanting over and over: "Tweety Bird.......Jehovah."

He would look from one hand, palm up, to the other, as if weighing or comparing, while saying Tweety Bird... Jehovah.  Just a said it thirty or forty times before the orderly shushed him up.

We all know religious fervor or delusion is one of the most common delusions among the truly psychotic. Yet, the religious nuts keep tapping about high their beliefs, like Creation and God are valid, and science is deluded. them I ask, who don't we see hospitalized schizophrenics chanting things like calculus formulas or Fermat's Last Theorem? LOL. I mean, if science is so wacked and all? It's common for the mentally ill to quote the Bible and speak of God. But they never ever exhort science facts. This I think tells us a lot about the difference between the two. Any psycho can spout religion. Science, not so much. That requires knowledge and reason.

"Tweety Bird........Jehovah!"


It's plain ol' madness, Slappy

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Nah, they're just deluded

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Id rather be crazy then. ................................................................

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Well then, congrats!!

You have achieved your goal!

From all are indeed crazy!



Side: It's plain ol' madness, Slappy
CaptofGuard(4) Clarified
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Religion is neither madness not a delusion. It represents something real for many reasons. 1. Humans are hard wired to believe in the divine. It is in our genetic makeup. Without a God we are nothing but might makes right animals and that is why we need God. 2. The great religions give us a moral bases from which to live with each other and be cooperative and tolerant (save for one religion I will not mention here). 3. Belief in God holds us to a higher standard not made by man.If all that we hold as moral were contrived by humans morality would change on a daily bases as in (situational ethics). Each of us must then ask, "whose morality will I follow?" Well, not yours. I will seek the truth bigger and beyond us. 4.Spiritual belief gets us through the worst of times.

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KNHav(1957) Clarified
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This answer seems co-exist to me. And that is not Biblical truth.

Although mans laws should be easy on such beliefs, because faith is not of the world, faith does not dictate or remove free choice. Faith is influential as all beliefs are.

But be aware there is only One way according to the Bible. And Jesus spoke that clearly in the Garden of Gethsemane.

He sweat blood if it were possible to do another way to have the cup pass. He was in a body and knew of the pain to pass through His body. As well as being broken from the presence of God when He marched into Hell and took the keys of Hell and death and rose up. He rose up because of conquering flesh and death.

If there were another way He would have had the cup pass.

So one way as per Jesus in Gethsemane.

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Is the Religion of Islam just delusion to those of you on the Left ? You Leftist get all twisted into knots when the Religion of Islam is attacked. So tell me there Slappy is the Religion of Islam just a religion of delusion to you Leftist and the Muslims you support ?

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Where you at Slappy you going to answer whether the Religion of Islam is just a delusion to the Muslims ?

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SlapShot(2607) Clarified
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Guess you didn't see my rant on Muslims with that twit Sitara?

Again....the skill with which you seem NOT to pay attention to my posts continues to amaze me. I have criticized Islam many times. Ask anybody.

Or...this one, from which I will now paste the following. It's from my post on the debate: "Is there any difference between God and Allah?"


Not one iota of difference.



They're both nothing more than imaginary BFFs invented by two different peoples. Both of whom were tired of getting their collective asses handed to them thru wars and oppressions and enslavements.

So what to do? Oh my!!!

I got it!

Invent a badass sky God that is better and stronger than yours!!

Like little kids.....

Nya nya God is better than yours is!!!

Pretty fucking hilarious if you ask me.

The history of mankind is rife with mythology and superstition.

All of it salve for the bedraggled and perplexed homo sapien mind.


Just two examples of that dynamic.



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Many mental health professionals see religious fervor as madness!!

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The only way religion works is through indoctrination which relies on young innocent minds being fed nonsense from the day they're born ; this nonsense is reinforced through society and the social groupings believers tend to belong to .

If children were not exposed to religion or its teachings till reaching at least the age of 16 and then presented with a bible and told to go away and read it and make a judgement on its contents most would dismiss it for the bullshit it truly is .

Indoctrinations success relies on get them young and feed them horseshit .

Atheists are thinking rational people they ask honest questions and see through the nonsense their parents and society attempt to force feed them .

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JatinNagpal(2678) Clarified
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I wonder why western societies had to cling to it so hard. Even though now religion has no administrative power (in most of the world), the people couldn't leave these obsolete administrative tools.

I call it a self replenishing zombie host phenomenon.

Though if people really want to give in to an administrative tool, patriotism is the latest thing in market. Religion is so outdated - I wonder whether people will still be clinging to some arcane interpretation of patriotism after nations are no longer a real thing.

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Madness combined with delusion is fundamentalism/cultism/terrorism.

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