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 Religion acts like a mental disorder. (36)

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Religion acts like a mental disorder.

I'm not saying that religion is a mental disorder just that it acts like one. Religion is unreasonable and it is defended against all reason. It falls under what constitutes a delusion. 

  1. an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.
    "the delusion of being watched"

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Believers are all victims of indoctrination , if a child was not introduced to religion and religious thought till adulthood and then presented with a copy of the Quran , the Bible and various other ' sacred ' books and told to evaluate there contents most would dismiss them for the nonsense they clearly are

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Which obviously isn't true, because in our debate, you didn't even know the fundamental basics of Christianity, much less of Islam, Mormonism, the Jehovah's Witnesses, or any other religion on Earth...

As I recall, you didn't know Jesus was a Jew, were convinced that "God gave the commandments in a whirlwind", and didn't know the Adam and Eve story was an allegory as demonstrated in Ezekiel 28 and Ezekiel 31...

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Which obviously is true and I think you wil find as usual the opposite of what you claim is true as in I'm an authority on Christianity , Islam , Mormonism, Jehovahs etc , etc , you have barely a fleeting knowledge on any of the mentioned .

Nice way to avoid the uncomfortable fact that you like the others mentioned are a victim of indoctrination

By the way you don't ' debate' so we never had a debate , you just resort to insult when anyone asks you a question ; the injustice of it all,

Wolfgang666(172) Disputed
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All of those religions worship the same God. R-tard

You just walk the path differently.

Little fun fact, it's Jesus that flights the devil at the end times in the Muslim Quran. That probably has something to do with the fact that Muslims respect Jesus as the second to last prophet of God.

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1 point

When one person experiences a delusion, it's a mental problem. When MANY people are experiencing one, it's a religion.

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Good to know. So liberalism is a religion. Islam is non violent. There are hundreds of genders, pick one. Obamacare is good. The mass Islamic terrorist attacks on Europe aren't happening, la la la la la! Open borders and mass immigration doesn't cause ghettos and mass crimes. Men and women are not biologically different. Obama wasn't raised in Indonesia, nor did he take Islamic Studies, nor was he a cocaine user, despite saying he was... Socialism is good despite not working in any other nation in history. Hitler wasn't a Socialist. The Clintons are "good people". You can't be a minority and be racist. ISIS isn't Islam despite only doing what the Quran says. Religion is bad... except for Islam... Money grows on trees. School should be free, nevermind that we have no idea how to pay for it. $20 trillion in debt is no big deal, just print more money, China is selling off our debt, so what? Ex Muslims who speak out against Islam are only Ex Muslims because they are bigots. Bigotry towards Christians isn't bigotry. 12% of the population doesn't commit 50% of the crime, despite 12% of the population committing 50% of the crime. This nation wasn't founded by Christians... The KKK wasn't founded by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party didn't create Jim Crow. The Democratic Party didn't round up the Japanese into camps during WWII. There was a political "switch" by the racists and non racists, despite no one remembering it, and history refuting it...





an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.

"the delusion of being watched"

Wolfgang666(172) Disputed
3 points


You believe a whole lot of bullshit. Lol

I have never seen a person show so much ignorance about politics, biology, history, and even words. You mite be the dumbest person I have ever known. This is Awesome!!!!!!

I love you so much. This is the funniest shit ever!!! Lol

I live in Louisiana and even the people here don't get this convoluted in their beliefs. You don't know the difference between conservative, liberal, socialist, Communist, or fascist. You don't know the difference between sex and gender. And you don't even know the difference between politics and religion. Are you a schizophrenic by any chance?

AlofRI(3276) Clarified
2 points

Hmmmmm, sort of sounds like conservatism doesn't it????????????????

By the way, socialism is working all over Europe, and somewhat ignored socialism has been working in the U.S. since Teddy Roosevelt. It's one of those things some people don't like to talk about, but they live with ... like SEX. Some of the best things in life we (some of us), don't like to talk about. ;-)

The American government "rounded up the Japanese", it was a "non-partisan mistake".

NO, the U.S. was NOT "founded by Christians", it was founded by men who were sick of religious persecution, of paying taxes to richly support the leaders of the Christian church .... OR , go to jail! John Adams, one of the founders, said: The American government is, in no sense, founded on the Christian religion. and James Madison said: The separation of church and state is to keep, forever from these shores, the ceaseless strife (caused by the Christian religion), that has soaked the sands of Europe in blood for centuries! Not everything Christian .... is Christian! If it can't control the masses it gets VERY nasty ... like Islam!

You are correct, there WAS a political switch by the racists. The Southern Democrats were thrown out of the party when they wouldn't comply with the view that the slavery that had been accepted by the founding fathers earlier was a mistake. The Republican Party welcomed them with open arms! (After Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt were "removed" from that party, of course).

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
1 point

When the entire Democrat Party supports no restriction abortions (disregarding what science tells us about the living growing human baby inside the mother), it's selfish evil, it's inhumanity, it's delusional.

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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Why is it only delusional when Democrats support abortions and not when you Republicans do it? You are twice as bad.

outlaw60(15375) Clarified
1 point

Crazy AL you have just described the American Left when it comes to Climate Chaos. Good Job AL

You mean how Liberals have an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.

The Left supports no restriction abortions up to birth for any reason while denying what science says concerning an unborn baby being a living growing human life.

I would agree that the Left is dillusional. I would agree they have mental disorders, and I know they are selfishly inhuman when it comes to their convienences.

1 point

Yes. You nailed it. You are delusional like a liberal.

1 point

"I'm not saying that religion is a mental disorder just that it acts like one. Religion is unreasonable and it is defended against all reason. It falls under what constitutes a delusion."

This just to rich and i'm gonna have some fun with you !!!!!!!

Top Democrat pushes Trump to throw travel ban "in the trash"

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer wants President Trump to abandon his executive order on immigration and start from scratch, following a federal appeals court’s decision not to reinstate his travel ban last week.

“I think he ought to throw it in the trash,” Schumer said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday. “I think this executive order is so bad and so poison and its genesis is so bad and terrible that he ought to just throw it in the trashcan.” The New York Democrat said the order, which pauses the U.S. refugee program and refuses entry into the country to citizens from seven predominantly Muslim nations, doesn’t make Americans safer, is unconstitutional, and actually hurts the U.S. economy.

“A religious ban just goes against the American grain,” Schumer said. “We believe in immigrants in this country. And we don’t believe in a religious test.”

So tell me the Democrats are delusional for supporting the Religion of Islam because that what Chucky is doing !

1 point

Tell you what ask any question you want about my religious beliefs. I will answer with complete candor. Stop any time you find a "delusional" belief. If you don't find any, I will consider the debate title/description disproven. You can continue thinking being opposed to religion in general is smart, and I will keep thinking it's smarter to take an "improve religion" approach.

outlaw60(15375) Clarified
1 point

The American Left is in total opposition to Christianity but why is it they support the Religion of Islam

atypican(4874) Clarified
1 point

Not that I even buy in to viewing through the overly simplistic left/right lens, but I think many of the people that you say "support the Religion of Islam" arent concerned at all with doctrinal advocacy but with defense of a group of PEOPLE that is being demonized much like the Jews were in Nazi Germany

We recognize how genocide is worked up to througb rhetoric and we're trying to counter the trend

Wolfgang666(172) Disputed
1 point

Personally I think you both suck.

Islam is following the old testament of the Bible because they believe they are the descendants of Isaac. Isaac is the older son of Abraham that he had with one of his slaves because he thought his 300 year old wife couldn't have kids anymore.

Jesus talked about turning the other cheek but that's not what it says to do in the old testament.

Let's take the story of the ten commandments. God said" tho shalt not kill" and then on the next page he orders moses to kill every man and his brother.

The Salem witch trials were done because the bible says " tho shalt not suffer a witch to live."

You can justify any evil thing if you base your morality on the principals of the old testament. That's why every division of said teaching has had it's time of genocide. Jews,Christians, and Muslims have used it at one time or another. Israel with Palestinian, Christians with the crusades, and Islam with this current war.

You nut jobs all worship the same God of" love and forgiveness" and yet you have been at war with each other since your religions were founded.

None of you are even the oldest religions in the world but you each think your message is the ultimate truth from the beginning of time.

Wolfgang666(172) Disputed
1 point

Do you believe in the story of Adam and Eve, or Noah's flood? What about the story about wiping out the island city of Tyre? How about God saying that he would blot out the name Amalek from history?

atypican(4874) Clarified
1 point

No. I believe those strories were what some people found inspiring and chose to canonize. My religion is syncretic and has been influenced by various faiths. I think yours is too, but you are so committed to anti-religion rhetoric it would be difficult to get you to admit it.

1 point

religion is a way of life, rather than a mental disorder whereas delusion is most of the times a mental disorder.

1 point

It is you who is unreasonable, thinking you can justify yourself when dying proves you wrong. You're on your way to Hell, God can and will save you if you will be reasonable with Him but you are against your own life, embracing your own death as if it were your friend and it's not getting you off the're on your way to Hell.

1 point

You hold to a delusion of being self-justified. You deserve to die, that's why you are dying and you deserve to burn in Hell forever and that's why you will burn in Hell forever if you do not obtain God's pardon through His life's blood which He shed for your sins on the cross of Calvary.

1 point

God gave us freewill. To make our own choices in life. To love him and follow him or not. I love God, and he loves you and all of us. You are entitled to your own opinion, even though myself and many others disagree with it. I pray you find guidance and a miracle happens to prove to you belief in God will better you and your life. A man 2,000 years ago died the most brutual death on the cross, for your sin and all of ours so we will have eternal life. I pray you find him. And have a better life.

1 point

How is religion a disorder? It does not hinder us, and does not stifle reason. By your logic, all belief is a disorder. "I don't believe in anything tho" everyone believes in something.

Quantumhead(745) Clarified
1 point

How is religion a disorder? It does not hinder us, and does not stifle reason

It does not "stifle reason"? You believe a 2,000 year old carpenter rose from the dead, pal. You left reason at the door, went inside and got drunk on 100 percent proof bullshit.

0 points

No matter what evidence you present to someone who is devoutly religious they will just write it of if they think it questions the invisible magic man.

2 points

No matter what evidence you present an atheist, they still believe that either there was always nothing, and then that nothing one day just manifested something, or that there is an infinite regress of causes. Both are magical thinking. Perhaps you should actually study why an educated theist is an... educated theist.

Wolfgang666(172) Disputed
1 point

You have no concept of what words mean. Scientists study natural causes for things. Supernatural things are by definition, not natural.

What false under supernatural? That would be magic, miracles, and yes, GODS!

0 points

Hello W:

Being religious, all by itself, doesn't make you nuts.. ARGUING about it, and/or DOING something about it is completely BONKERS..


2 points

Yes, assuming we "just die" and then being pissed that you "just die" and demanding the working class gives up its healthcare so that the non working class can steal its healthcare in order to live 10 more magical years in a nursing home in misery makes sense.