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Religion's irrational optimism

Some followers of religions such as Christanity, often cheat themselves into thinking that their lives are fine ( Even though it isn't), because of heavy brainwash from their religion's preaching. 

Brainwash such as:

~You should always 'Forgive and Forget' ;

~Your God will always help you in every problems ;

~Having grudges is bad for your health, and on that basis you should definitely not have one.


The preaching examples mentioned above certainly does not help to solve conflict or problems, but only make the followers ignore the troubles or be too overconfident about the problem, if they were to follow it.





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Of course. They have an excuse for everything - the so called "god's will". If they encounter something negative then that is exactly what they will think of, they won't even try to solve whatever it is. They won't even try because they are not allowed to think on their own - that would also mean critical thinking and that has the potential to realize what religion really is. Not thinking on ones own, with wrong, flawed, and biased influence of external origin, is what keeps religion alive. The inability to think on ones own comes from brainwashing and indoctrination since birth.

Indoctrination, brainwashing, raising with nonsense as reality... How can they not understand that physical damage is one thing - if it isn't too bad it will heal almost completely without affecting life at all. But the mind, if that is messed up or damaged then the chances of recovery, of healing, are so much smaller - that is something that won't just heal, you actually have to heal it yourself by thinking a lot, accepting things, changing your opinions, changing your mind, and you will never forget any of it. So, could you, religious idiots, stop brainwashing your children with nonsense? For the good of all of humanity? It isn't just your own children you are damaging, it is the entire humanity you are damaging.

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Yes there are many Christians like that. Who approach everything with "It's God's will" But I think that has more to do with the person than the religion. If you're a fighter you'll fight for what you want, for your family, friends, beliefs. rights, due and if not you' won't. One man will see "God Provides" and another "God blesses the hand of the diligent worker"

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I do think religion causes irrational optimism.

I think people put too much faith in god, that he will help them out along the way or something. I don't advise blind optimism in the face of disaster or troublesome times ahead. I advise a practical approach as in, "what can I do to fix the situation?", and "what things are out of my control", the things that are totally out of your control, don't worry about them. Stressing over those things won't fix them, it'll only cause you undue stress.

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Many Christians are optimistic with prayer but then become depressed when their prayers do not get answered.

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How good someone's life is depends on the modern day culture and what we compare happiness too. A Christian will just be less happy about not having superficial things.

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Irrational yes, but optimism hardly. A lot of religions condemn humankind to failure. Some even have a concept of eternal punishment. If I were a believer I would spend my days wondering if I truly lived a good life, and would be given rewards after death, or if I would be abandomed by god or punished to suffer for my ways.

Religion also has irrational pessimism, and many have quite more of it than of optimism. Someone well off and healthy will ponder the same questions as the poorest of society in their final days. That is a part of the reason why materially rich people are more likely to have no religion. Finding irrationality is easiest in the presence of irrational pessimism.

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Like its been stated many times before, irrationality is the right hemisphere of your brain so it makes up half of your reality, just because its irrational doesnt make it pointless, and there is nothing wrong with seeing the glass half full, and not half empty

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How does one distinguish "brainwashing" from a genuine difference in mentality that results in happiness?

And how does one claim the results of those two are substantially different?

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Please don't generalize.

We are not cheating ourselves that our lives are great, because our lives are great. For someone like me, my life has always been great you could say. However, my dad for example came from a horrible life where he was always unhappy and had economical issues, but when he found Jesus, all that changed. I've also met other people who's lives have changed because of accepting Jesus into their heart. If you're Christian and still aren't happy with your life then why lie about that? Either stop being Christian or get spiritual help is all I can say.

There could be some people that are so immersed in religion that they don't know when to get help, especially if they're doing something wrong.... but I don't know. Seems kinda weird to me.

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If religion creates irrationale optimism, then anti- religion creates rationale pessimism. I find this argument to be a contradiction. For pessimism is not rationale based upon its inherent ability to outcast the party involved. Optimism however is indeed rationale for the basis that it is better for your health as well as your friendship circles. These are just a few of the numerous examples for your contradicting argument. Your statements are generalized too broadly for this debate to have any really substantive evidence. It appears to me that this is just an Irrational attack on religion. Be sure to formulate a direct argument that can be argued with good evidence for your next argument. Keep to topic and critical thought processes will pour over a cliff like a waterfall.

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How do you define a "good" life? Who says poverty is a bad thing?

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ricedaragh(2494) Disputed
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Who says poverty is a bad thing?

The poor

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lolzors93(3225) Disputed
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I'm poor. And do I say being poor is a bad thing? I do not. In fact, I rejoice in poverty.

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