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Religious arguments

What would you say is the most ridiculous argument for any religion and why?
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there are only two religions in the world ....

the religion of divine accomplishment (Christianity) ...

and the religions of human achievement (all others)

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You nailed it buddy. Top notch comedy as usual.

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I don't understand the religious argument for Islam. I have only heard ridiculous reasons to believe it. So, that's the funniest.

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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A new poll conducted by CBS reveals that the majority (66%) of Democrats do not believe that Islam is more violent than other religions. Nearly the same percentage (63%) of Republicans believe that Islam is more violent.

This demonstrates either an ignorance or disregard of the facts on the part of Democrats. Countries dominated by Islam are apt to impose Islamic Sharia law and its oppressive rules and methods of punishment. Women, in particular, bear the brunt of Islamic oppression; those who have been raped have even been punished for being victims (on the pretext that they had sex outside of marriage). In addition, as ISIS has spread in Iraq and Syria they have taken women and girls captive as sex slaves.

One irony of all this is that Democrats, who say they value inclusivity and diversity (and support all manner of LGBT causes) view a non-inclusive religion in a positive light. Thus, at the same time that Middle Eastern countries are executing homosexuals, Democrats are lamenting the fact that people from a subset of those countries are temporarily blocked from entering the United States.

Here is some information for you SouthPark

Cartman(18192) Clarified
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Thanks for the information. Can you please explain why you gave it to me.

Here's the worst one.

"I don't like God, therefore He doesn't exist."

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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You are right, actually. Since no one actually says that though it is kind of silly to bring it up.

Antrim(1297) Clarified
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Any good marketing person will tell you that the best way to get your message across is the repetitive display of your slogan.

Like the proverbial drip hitting a rock, any resistance to the message will be worn away.

Outlaw's unwavering anti-progressive campaign has me in the frame of mind;- Progressive = political corruption, national bankruptcy and a lowering of international esteem


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What does my propaganda have brainwashed into your mind?

(Bronto is good...bronto is good....bronto is good...bronto is good...)

Anything that Bronto puts out .