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 Remember the Global Cooling Scientists in the 1970's? What happens when people "Cry Wolf"? (4)

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Remember the Global Cooling Scientists in the 1970's? What happens when people "Cry Wolf"?

It's truly amazing listening to environmentalist acivists, calling anyone skeptical of their long standing deceptions, distortions, and failed models, as climate deniers.

Were it not for their many failed predictions, maybe people might take them more seriously.

This is a perfect example of "Cry Wolf".
You can fool me once, or twice, but you will soon be looked at as a person Crying Wolf, and to be ignored.

I'm not trying to say there is no validity to Climate change data. I'm saying that fossil fuel hating activists have created this distrust in Liberal prognostics. They yelled the sky is falling many times before, while being completely wrong! We all know that data in the hands of activists, will be cherry picked and twisted.

If you expect people to give up their quality of life on the claims from fake Climate Changers of the past, think again. Your failed models, and failed explanations to why they failed, are getting laughable.

It's so easy for Monday night quarterbacking to twist the reasons their first predictions went astray, but that we should all believe them this time.

Do you want me to pay triple for my electricity, kill millions of jobs, all while China and our competetors laugh at us? You better start getting a better track record when it comes to predictions of climate.

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We all know a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile.

Someday the doomsday claims of activist environmentalists may come true, but by then no one is listening.

I will put my faith in something with a better track record.

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Democrats are really confused when it comes to weather and they have been confused with weather for years.

I call their confusion outright pandering to their Special interest groups funding their political campaigns.

The truth means nothing to corrupt people with political agendas.

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Why do you ban free speech? I thought you were a patriot..............................................................................