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Why yes 24B is more than 3B No, No, 3B is MORE than 24B
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Republican Logic vs Democratic Logic

Thankfully a government default was avoided. Apx 300,000 people were out of work for a period of time, and for them until they receive back pay (if they receive back pay) they will have additional credit card debt, will be behind on bills, probably have mounting late fees on those bills, maybe had to significantly dig into their savings.

... but at least they will be able to get back on their feet.

And others avoided being furloughed thanks to aproximately 10% of Republicans doing what over 90% of the American people wanted and voting to avoid default and get government back to work.

Does anyone else find it odd that those exact same Republicans (144 in the House and 18 in the Senate) ALL delayed and voted down the Farm Bill over 3 Billion dollars because it was too expensive, but proudly and gladly waisted 24 Billion for absolutely, positively, nothing at all?



Why yes 24B is more than 3B

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No, No, 3B is MORE than 24B

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I'm a Progressive Liberal for the most part so it's pretty clear to me that 24>3. But maybe some Conservative Tea Party type can explain how in fact no 3>24.

(er, sorry... > means greater than. < means less than. They teach you that in one of those liberal schools what with the book lernin's and calclaters)

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It takes a near government meltdown to get you back on this site. I guess we will be seeing you again in January/February.

What is the 24B you are talking about?

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