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 Republicans LOVE abortion! (3)

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Republicans LOVE abortion!

Republicans LOVE abortion because abortions mean VOTES. 

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Republicans use the abortion debate to get the simple minded to vote Republican by continually promising the lame brains that if only they had a right wing supreme court, a right wing anti-abortion Senate and House, AND a right wing nut in the White House ALL AT THE SAME TIME that they would DO AWAY WITH ABORTION FOREVER.

That's a big fat lie and the proof is that they had exactly that for the first two years of the Trump administration and NEVER A PEEP WAS SAID ABOUT ABORTION THAT WHOLE TIME.

The simple fact is that the GOP leaders want to keep abortion legal because by keeping the anti-abortion cause alive they can get the simple minded dolts to vote republican every single election cycle. REPUBLICANS WILL NEVER ALLOW ABORTION TO BE MADE ILLEGAL because once abortion is illegal the easily manipulated cultist simpletons won't bother to vote and the GOP will be finished once and for all.

Another and probably even more important reason why Republicans will never allow abortion to be made illegal is that the Republican leaders know very well that if abortion were ever made illegal the societal upheaval that would ensue would finish off the Republican party. Mothers of pretty young middle class daughters who died from back alley abortions would be rioting in the streets and Republicans would OWN THE CARNAGE. The Republican parties anti-abortion policy is a FRAUD, just like everything else they pretend to stand for.

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Nawww they just support the idea of a woman being forced to give birth even at the cost of her life or/and livelihood. If they really cared about the fetus then they'd care about the kid once it's born.

Republicans continually support policies that result in more and later-term abortions.

(Global Gag Rule, defunding Planned Parenthood, cutting Title X contraceptive funding, morning after pill bans, TRAP laws, etc.)