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Republicans are losing the opportunity

Why haven’t the Republicans initiated a campaign for the House to urgently vote on the Senate version of healthcare reform? 

Are they waiting for Obama to make another speech recommending the same? Or are they waiting for Nancy Pelosi to negotiate additional democratic votes?

Republicans should be forcing a vote now.  Any further delay is nothing more than tacit support for a bill which they claim they are opposed to.

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The Republicans need to push a vote now whereas if they continue to mingle, then the Democrats will find the necessary votes in order to pass the bill; thus, the health care bill will do nothing to remedy health care and make it more affordable across the board.

What this bill does?

More tax burden for the middle class

Forces everyone to purchase insurance by large government subsidies

Health care companies have more customers=more money

More distribution of wealth

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the Republicans can not force a vote it is up to the speaker. If they demand a vote and Pelosi agrees and it passes do they look like complete fools? and loose all momentum for the midterms?

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N.P. knows there are not enough votes; if there were, they would have voted long ago.

(I am surprised the Republicans have not taken advantage of their (Dems.) weak "poker-hand"!)

Note: Nancy fears looking like a fool. That is why she has not called for a vote.

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