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Republicans have declared war on Twitter

They want an investigation for why Twitter allowed Iran a platform/service during American sanctions on Iran.

Screw Twitter

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Righteous indignation

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They want an investigation

So do I. I want an investigation into how Republicans managed to "lose" 2.3 trillion dollars from the national defence budget, why that was announced the day before 9/11, and why nothing has ever been mentioned about it since then.

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Someone is needed to introduce a regulated code of practice on these out of control so called social media sites who have been a law onto themselves for too long and who have abused their carte-Blanche position.

These sites have developed a distinct left wing bias and are using their unique status as public platforms to promote their preferred left-wing political agenda.

Trump has taken on the daunting and extremely challenging task of bringing these Lords of fake news and left-wing bias to heel.

Having them reclassified as Publishers will clip their wings and leave them liable to prosecution for the publishing of communist propaganda while denying platform to anyone with a right-wing opinion.

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Calling a falsehood a falsehood is 'out of control'?

If Trumps says they are mailing ballots to everyone when the truth is that they only mail ballots to registered voters - nobody should be allowed to call him on it? The main reason he uses Twitter instead of regular media outlets is because they could call him out when he is wrong. It is understandable for him to be upset at losing that, but it doesn't make it wrong. People who prefer a politician to the truth are dangerous - not saying that applies to you, just far too many people.

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not saying that applies to you

He's a raging pro-establishment brown-noser who would sell his dog to a butcher for a dollar. Of course it applies to him.

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MKIced(2510) Disputed
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Oh my god yeah social media has a left wing bias. Because the number one demographic online are young people. And we realized that when we exchange ideas with each other, we tend to open up our minds more and become more empathetic, less xenophobic and angry. I think the right wing needs to take a moment to put themselves in other people's shoes and stop listening to Trump's hateful and racist rhetoric. History remembers who chose Hitler's side and history will remember who stood by Trump as well.

Side: Righteous indignation

If Trump thinks Twitter is bad, maybe he should stop using it, right?

Side: Righteous indignation