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Republicans should pick candidates based on how much they piss off the left


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Racial slur

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I don't believe in racial or ethnic slurs, but I do feel conflicted on this one. I am a centrist with both right veiws, and left, so i don't know how, to answer, this.

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Mint_tea(4623) Disputed
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Why would you feel conflicted on this? What should be more important to Republicans, pissing off Lefties or choosing a candidate that fits what they feel would best serve Americans? This isn't a hard choice, unless of course being petty and bringing in another clown is more important than improving and fixing America.

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NomLovesMarx(359) Clarified
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Okay so I feel conflicted because I have some leftist ideas because I am a centrist, like healthcare, contraception, vegan/animal rights, literacy, but I disagree with leftists on other issues. Voting based on Party, rather than ideas, is wholly foolish, right or left, so yeah.

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For a minute I thought I created this debate. Well played ;)

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