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Rich or Famous?

If you had to make a choice, which would you choose?  Well, I guess you could just not care either?  But humor me if u would.   I know I choose Famous by a long shot


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Nearly all people that become prominent public figures at some point regret it, though there is no turning back. Not that 'fame' can't potentially be great--it can; as it provides a platform for ones voice to project farther. However, having Millions upon Millions of people constantly in your business, particularly in the new age of internet 'trolls' who's sole focus is to dig up 'dirt' on you to expose to the World--there are a lot of unintended negative side effects to 'fame'

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I can help my family more by being rich than I can by being famous. ..............................

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outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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Diaper Boy are you not towing the Party Line here ? Thought you Progressives had opposition to the Rich ? Is that not the case ?

Perpetual State of Confusion defines your Madness

Just read what Chucky said LMMFAO !

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If you're rich you can simply buy fame. If you're famous, while it usually grants some degree of financial success, it doesn't always. This is especially true since your fame could be negative; you might be infamous.

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Wealth doesn't make you famous, but it does command respect and in many, if not in most situations, offer greater privileges.

A show of wealth, such as someone in an Armani suit driving a

flash car will be, rightly or wrongly, perceived by most people as someone of substance.

At the airport you rest in the executive lounge before taking your seat in the first class section of the aircraft.

Upon landing you proceed through priority customs/immigration clearance and into your awaiting limousine which will take you to the presidential suite at the Intercontinental Carlton.

You unpack while sipping your complimentary dry martini before heading off to paint the town red*.

Who to the hell but an egotist would want to be famous?

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I'd love to be rich but the last thing I'd ever want is to lose my privacy and anonymity by becoming famous.

If I won the lottery the first thing I'd do is find a place to hide until I was anonymous again.

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BiggieSmalls(12) Disputed
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Oh you capitalist puke. How dare you. What about those poor people in the Andramada Galaxy who need those funds to have enough squidlets to eat? You only think of yourself.

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outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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You want to be Rich! Say what !

Chucky would surely have you in is Cross Hairs.

Like to see you Progressives really confused as to what you believe !!!!!!!!!!!

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LotusSnot(39) Disputed
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Sorry. Bernie Sanders won't allow it. You'll get your bowl of gruel like everyone else & you'll like your equal portion of gruel.

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