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Right Wing Dictators Mao And Pol Pot Had Great Respect For Christian Genocides

They were particular fans of the crusades and the Spanish inquisition.


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You've praised Mao and Plopots' ideologies.

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'Human rights disaster': China's persecution of Christians at highest level since Mao chinas-christian-persecution-highest-level-mao/

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As I understand it Pol Pot was insane and didn't actually understand Marxism, and Mao was a real Marxist but had no idea what he was doing when it comes to organizing and managing an economy. A huge portion of the so called deaths caused by Marxism under Mao were due to famine and a lack of any real economic plan to set up a functioning socialist economy. Maoism is not something I have meticulously studied, but as I understand it he was not a "right wing dictator" but merely someone who believed in Marxism but failed to realize that what Marx wrote wasn't enough to actually create communism.

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