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Ghost ban em Make em look non ghosted
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Right's ideas are so superior facebook asked to make it look we're getting likes

Ghost ban em

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Make em look non ghosted

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You mean the rights ideas, like, nukin' the hurricanes?? Putting alligators in the Rio Grande?? Separating families with no records?? Rakin' leaves to prevent forest fires?? Arming teachers in schools? Taking guns to church?? Allowing MORE rather than less pollution?? Burning MORE coal?? Allowing Putin to hack our elections?? Giving the Iranians the right to produce MORE weapons grade uranium 'cause someone didn't like the treaty that was preventing it?? Taking money from our soldiers to defend against women and babies?? Starting trade wars that take away EVERY cent they (allegedly) gave back in taxes?? Put a needless scare into the people of Alabama?? Throw paper towels at people who have lost everything?? Offer pardons to people IF they break the law??

THOSE "superior ideas"??? (In outlaw speak … LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

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