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Roadside Advertisements

Should advertisements be allowed to distract drivers?

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If you can't concentrate enough to handle a minor distraction like an billboard then shouldn't be allowed to drive, there are more important things to worry about while driving.

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The act of driving, once indoctrinated, becomes secondary in nature, much like walking or riding a bicycle. Advertisements serve as a change of scenery and are a legitimate way for corporations to encourage us to consume products and/or services.

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The only time I love them is when I'm traveling by car in unknown territory. They sometimes direct me to a very good place to eat or rest and also advise me as to how far away I am from these places. Billboards were the hit of the 40's and 50's and one expected to see them along the roadways. I don't mind them really and they don't distract me while I'm driving. They're large enough to get all the information you need by the time you get up close and that's good too.

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These advertisements are distracting and dangerous. They appeal to universal base instincts and thus reduce driver concentration. This may lead to serious road accidents and deaths. Drivers are distracted enough by signs and other road users already and should not need to deal with these extraneous aberrations

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Far more dangerous than the billboard is the Cell Phone or music so loud I can hear it 4 cars away with my windows closed! The cell phone would be my argument as to which is more of a distraction since the billboard distracts me not one iota.

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