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Rodney King Trial

Anyone here who knows who Rodney King was is intelligent enought to debate this.


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Rodney King was told to stay on the ground and he kept trying to stand up while under the influence of drugs.

He had a felony arrest and he was disobeying a police order.

So the police did what they are trained to do, arrest him.

He kept resisting arrest and therefore he got his ass kicked until they could put him in cuffs.

Think about, if you were a cop chasing this mad nigger down the street going OVER 100 MPH and he is risking the lives of the police with you AND innocent civilians driving down the road.

I would be pissed, some ignorant asshole speeding down the street risking peoples lives, he deserves what he got.

The beatings were because, he was resisting arrest.

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As far as I know, he committed a crime, resisted arrest and was subdued by use of force. The 'black community' seems to become outraged over nothing.

White man commits crime, is punished =Justice

Black man commits crime, punished= Police brutality

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