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Ronda Rousey....For the Guys Only

If you are a guy, and if the Boxing CEO allowed it, would you choose to enter the ring with Ronda Rousey?

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For the right price and the added perk of being really close to her, yeah I think I'd consider it.

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Well, first let me say that I would much rather enter the bedroom with her. She's pretty smokin' hot, I think. Great, tight little body. Her and Paige Van Zant are my two favorite (read: "lusting after!" LOL) female UFC fighters.

And as far as getting in the ring with her, yeah, I would. Seriously. I might even be able to beat her. Not sure.

Here' the deal, I am by no means a pro fighter and have never gotten to her level in the sport. But I boxed Golden Gloves as a kid, and have played hockey since I was 12. Done a fair share of fisticuffs there. And as a male adult, pretty fit, who works out regularly, I weigh about 165 lbs.

So, on Rhonda, I would have over 50 lbs on her, and about half-a-foot in reach advantage. Yeah, the thing ya gotta remember about her and all those other little Straw Weights, is they weigh barely 100 pounds. How much force can they really generate in a punch. Can they really be strong enough to throw down and subdue a guy with 50, 70, 80, pounds on them? Even if they are maybe more skilled in the sport; or in better physical condition?

Maybe. Maybe not. Ya gotta remember that, at the end of the day, sure: Rousey is good. But she's fighting other 100 pound little girls. In controlled settings; with gloves. On an open arena, like in street fighting or a combat situation she is hardly a lethal weapon. LOL

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No way! I know Ronda Rousey could beat up any guy. I wish the Boxing Commission would allow Ronda to verse a male Boxing champion like Floyd Mayweather Jr. because such a fight would shatter all records.

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SlapShot(2608) Disputed
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Are you serious? I take it you're not much of a boxing fan. Or have ever competed in the sport yourself?

Mayweather, or any other male pro boxer, in ANY weight division, would make very quick and easy work of Rousey. If they wanted, they could probably even kill her within two rounds. And they WOULD if they wore those little 6 oz UFC gloves like she wears instead of the big ol' 16 ozers the pro boxers wear.

Here's the thing you have to remember about Rousey and all those other girls she fights: they're, well, just that: girls. Little. Who weigh 105 pounds! Are you familiar with the formula for determining the momentum, the force of an object? I'ts "mass times speed." How much force then do you really think a Rousey can exert? As compared to a Mayweather? Maybe half as much?

The deal also is that, because of this, a male fighter could just stand there and let her hit him all she wants. Her blows would be incapable of knocking him down, let alone out. Then--if they were going by UFC rules instead of WBA or WBX formal boxing rules, he could just grab her by the throat and throw her down, like a rag doll.

It's all well and good to cream over Rousey and say she's a good female UFC fighter. But let's remember she is just that. Good for a girl. And good for her diminutive size and weight. Let us not make the mistake of thinking she is a formidable force on an open stage with men who weight twice what she does.


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Rja78(1) Disputed
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Well rousey is a great female fighter and ambassador for the sport I think she has been WAYYY overhyped because how quick she has been finishing the best the ufc could throw at her. The talk about her being able to compete with 135 and 145 pd "men" was ridiculous and premature. Especially coming from people like Joe Rogan.

Then she ran into the well trained and "very" experienced striker that is (holy holm) and we got to see those short comings in her striking game disastrously exploited.

That being said she is an amazing judoka athlete.She also probably walks around at about 150 considering she cuts to 135 for bw, so she nor her counterparts are 105 Pds. I would guess ronda and Floyd are closer in weight than you think.

The thing about judo and jujitsu both rely on using your weight and ballance against your opponent. In other words if ronda got a hold of mayweathers arm she knows how to put all of that 135 pd frame into that one limb.I think if they were to fight in an octagon or ring Floyd's footwork would make it impossible for ronda to close the distance, but if mayweather just tried to"grab her by the throat and throw her down " like you said, he could very well end up with a broken arm.

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