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Ryan Lie?

Apparently a long list of articles have came out fact checking ryan:

What are your thoughts?  

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People should not malign the next VP of the U.S.

Besides, that link leads to a biased set of opinions trying to pass for news. Hell..., they even tell you that iin their name, "Democrat Underground" Right there I know that all they are going to be spreading is nothing more than liberal lies and B.S. I prefer to get my biased opinions and down right lies from a right wing organization like fox ;)

Oh crap!!!! Now I've done it..., I've attacked both sides. I get I'll get down voted heavily for this. Thank God I have in excess of 20,000 points ;)

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The list of links include an article by a fox contributor, as well as articles featured by msn and so on ...

That's OK. I don't let facts get in the way of my opinions ;)

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From the few articles I've read through, I wouldn't say this is any different from Obama's "misrepresentation" of various facts and such. The few things that Ryan was actually criticized for seemed more about opinions than actual statistics or facts. The only thing I found to be a legit "lie" or "false fact" was Ryan talking about GM. And even so, how many blunders have EVERYONE IN THE FUCKIN' WORLD made about bailouts and spending when Obama has clearly made terrible decisions on bailouts AS WELL AS Bush.

I think the only real thing to criticize Ryan on is his defense of Romney and Bush. Ryan is a smart guy, but he's too moderate in his views. At once he seemed to have more balls, but I suppose in trying to become a Veep he ended up pandering to the center. It's a shame to see a semi-small government Conservative just become another Big government Conservative.

No matter, he was nothing like Rand Paul, Ron Paul, or Gary Johnson, which have been, for the most their of their political lives, true supporters of small government and liberty.

But this whole internet love for Ryan and "lies" is really just another "hey, don't pay attention to all the bullshit our side does, look at the bullshit on the other side." Sort of like Stalin saying "hey, I'm not Hitler."

It's politics and there's less than 70 days until the election. It's time for shaking babies and kissing hands.