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Good move.

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Bad move.

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This is another example of State's rights!

Remember when the Left forced through legislation in each State, allowing Gay marriage, regardless if it offended the majority of people in each State?

It's such hypocrisy and double standards when the Left can censor any mention of God from our public (for fear of supposedly offending some who disagree), but constantly pushing their LGBT hysteria onto our impressionable captive children.

When you start censoring the freedoms of expression YOU don't like, for fear of offending the one, then you have essentially stripped our Constitutional freedom of expression.

How many things has the Left added to our public schools, KNOWING it offends millions of parents, but yet they scream when the very word "God" is displayed on some wall?

Millions of parents do not believe in evolution, but their children are forced to be a captive audience, and taught the theory of evolution, as if it is fact!

These State's are not trying to teach all children to believe in God. They are simply using their Constitutional freedoms to choose to display symbols of our heritage.

It's always one way to these extremist's on the Left. THEIR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!

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It’s regressive and divisive and is forcing religious bullshit down people’s throats , in God we trust is allowing the government to endorse religious establishments which should be resisted .....from wiki .....In lawsuits, this argument has so far not overcome the interpretational doctrine of accommodationism, which allows government to endorse religious establishments as long as they are all treated equally. According to a 2003 joint poll by USA Today, CNN, and Gallup, 90% of Americans support the inscription "In God We Trust" on U.S. coins.

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That all depends on whether it’s referring to the JEW/DESERT God.... Or, the Norse God of the wilderness. 🤔

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Depends. Which God? You ok if they say "In Allah We Trust?" How about "In Satan We Trust"? No? What about "In Amon We Trust"?

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SD displays In God We Trust, in ALL public schools. Your thoughts?

Hello Y:

I don't like it. It's NOT inclusive..

When I was a kid, I could SAY the pledge of allegiance and BELIEVE the words coming out of my mouth.. But, when they added the words "under God", it EXCLUDED me because I don't think a belief in God is REQUIRED to proclaim your allegiance to your country.

So, I DON'T say those words, as the pledge doesn't apply to ME anymore.. I liked it more when the "words" the government uses INCLUDED me..


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Amarel(5135) Clarified
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But, when they added the words "under God", it EXCLUDED me because I don't think a belief in God is REQUIRED to proclaim your allegiance to your country.

It’s meant to articulate sovereignty. Under whom/what does the US fall? Under the crown? No. Under the UN? No. The US is one nation under none but the highest conceivable authority, whether or not you believe the authority conceived of actually exists.

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excon(14590) Clarified
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It’s meant to articulate sovereignty.

Hello again, A:

Nahhh... Why is it assumed that we're "under" anybody??

Look.. The words don't even work.. It says "one nation, INDIVISIBLE, under God".....

To me, the word INDIVISIBLE means NOTHING divides us.. Then, the inserted words, under God, immediately DIVIDE us..

I say again, you don't have to believe in God to believe in your country..


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Bootstrap(226) Clarified
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Under the UN? No.

You signed the UN Charter you ridiculously arrogant, narcissistic cretin. That puts you under the authority of the UN.

The US is one nation under none but the highest conceivable authority

The "highest conceivable authority" being some bearded wonder fairy who doesn't actually exist?

You're fucking nuts buddy.

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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So SUPER STUPID you are OFFENDED by the DOLLAR BILLS you spend ???????

SUPER STUPID you have proclaimed to be a JEW !!!!!!!!!

What a confused world DNC MEDIA has built for you !!!!!!!!!!!!! LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!

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