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there is a dispute going around that says both these bands are the same on the rock level .


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I really don't even like Slipknot very much, but AX7 just sucks it so hard, I have to argue for Slipknot on this one.


So cat shit vs dog shit? I pick cat shit. At least the cat goes in a box so its easy to get rid of.

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1. Slipknot because they for one are metal.

2. Avenged seven fold are sell outs listen to their first album then all the others

3. Slipknot is different and good sounding A7x sounds like a lot of other bands and they are not original at all the pretty much copied Thrash metal bands Overkill's logo

4. Corey has amazing voice he can go from screaming to something more soft in a matter of seconds. and listen to stone sour for more of his softer stuff.

5. Drummers slipknots drumming is way more superior 1. better fills 2. faster 3. and holds more steady best and concentration

6. the lead singer for a7x sounds like a winy fuck who has something stuck down his throat

7. Like I mentioned before Slipknot's look and sound is way more original then theirs just look at them both you can very easily tell the difference.

9. Slipknot puts on more than a show which is amazing they get fans into it and they just go crazy on stage.

10. and they have also toured with some of the best bands and people ever Slayer, Ozzy , Godsmack,judas Priest ,Anthrax,kiss ECT

11. They have their own festival named after them knotfest

12.They are apart of a foundation to help teens out of depression. You cant say thats not awesome. It is called the you rock foundation

13. You cant say their lyrics are bad at least they don't make songs about having sex with dead bodies. Slipknot's songs have a lot of meaning like about the world at stake: all the situations at hand, be it personal or worldly, and trying turn things into a positive. Sometimes you have to face the grotesque to bring about something amazing.

You have to listen to the lyrics its no shoved directly into your face like a7x's lyrics because the members of slipknot are actually intelligent and know what they are talking about

14. Most of the members from slipknot had a rough past and have something to wright about rather then just making shit music.

15. The members of that band have other things than just their band going for them like Shawn is a director also and he helps out many bands including whitechapel get started. both gutair players have other bands. Corey has written two books and is staring in a movie and help create the You Rock Foundation.

i think I have made my point clear thank you.

thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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I really hate it when people refer to musicians as sell outs. I mean, the sheer audacity of it is mind numbing. Who are you to tell a musician that he or she can't branch out from where he or she starts? Even if profit is their motive, who are you to tell a professional musician that he is wrong for advancing his career?

And 'selling out' as you call it is not always necessarily profit motivated. Profit is sometimes a side effect of the real reason for making the change- to reach a larger audience, to touch more people. Those two go hand in hand, really. "Make changes to earn more profit by reaching more people" vs "Make changes to reach more people with profit as a bonus" are two different mentalities that result in the same course of action.

Of all the ridiculous bullshit fanboys spew, 'sell out' is the worst, not because it is itself necessarily bad or offensive, but because of the qualities of the fanboy in question it illuminates.

If there is a point where a musician sells out his or her art, it is the point her or she starts getting paid for it, rather than doing it solely for personal enrichment and entertaining others. Those bands that 'sold out' after Album X? They already 'sold out,' probably before they even cut their first album, at a local show somewhere. The rest is simply a manner of degree. And there is nothing wrong with selling out either, no matter where you arbitrarily draw the line and claim it happens.

Maybe it's not the money that concerns you, but just changing the music? Well, news flash: The music is constantly changing. In most cases, it starts out shitty. They make some adjustments to sound better to themselves. They play local shows, get mixed feedback, make further adjustments. By the time they're cutting albums at all, they've already changed their music so many times in most cases that objecting to further change is ridiculous. Who are you, exactly, that having you as a fan should be enough, and the band should aspire no higher, regardless of their motivation for doing so?

And the bands that don't change? They maintain a small cult following, and 'outsiders' listen to a few songs and say "This is stupid, every song sounds the same. Look, they just used that same riff with slight variation for three different songs!" They fade, and they're forgotten, leaving no mark on the world.

You want a say in the direction a band goes? Start your own damned band.

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slipknot all the fucking way . avenged seven fold are ok but on the rock level as some might call it slipknot is alot highter than avenged sevenfold

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I SOO agree with yuu. I listen to both but Im stayin with Slipknot..!! I luv them.!!

!!.Maggot 4 Life.!!

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Avenged Sevenfold is better . m shadows has a better voice. zacky v. and synyster g. both better guitarist. They have better solos. the drumming from what i hear is about even. Avenged sevenfold songs have more meaning. They write all different styles cuz they do what ever they want. They run the shit, not slipknot. You cant even understand sometimes when they are singing. you have to guess. Another point is .... they go up on stage with masks on. I guess thats cool.....NOT! Slipknot makes fools out of themselves. Avenged Sevenfold all the way. There is no question about it.

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joey is garbage without his double bass. Rev proves he can play with double bass and without double bass. We have a better singer and we have the 21st centuries's best guitarist... Synyster Gates. By the way.... there are 9 members of slipknot... and it's sad to see that 9 member band cant perform as well as 5 member band. A7X for life

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A7X Songs have meaning while slipknot is dark and death. A7X is an amazing band. R.I.P Rev. Slipknot is decent to but is to much at times.

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alright in my opinion avenged sevenfold has the chance to be one of the best bands in the world. synster gates and zacky vengeance 2 of the best guitarist in the world and u cant forget about James " the rev" Sullivan(R.I.P) though hes gone his drumming and creativity was elctirfying best drummer ever in my opinion then m shadows his catches your attention with his voice and lyrics their hardcore themed mentality is also pretty amazing the songs they produce give a whole new meaning to imagination and also seriousness A7X. ALL THE WAY WELCOME TO THE FAMILY

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Slipknot is awful. Linkin park is better than slipknot as well.

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