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This is the Eightieth in an ongoing series of spotlight debates. The purpose of the debate is to "roast" the user (and when I say "roast", I mean in a nice way). Please share all the good, humorous, and otherwise positive aspects about this important member of our community. Don't worry, I will be creating one of these every few days so your name may show up next!

  Don't expect to see yourself here until you reach 1000 points!




Seventy-Ninth in the series - Warlin -


Eighty-First in the series - Lynaldea -

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4 points

Oh! Señor Delta... my Mexican protege... he'll be taking over for me some day.

2 points

most of his arguments are quite funny.

especially when he doesn't know what is going on. ;)

1 point

He didn't much like me hatin' on My Little Pony... sorry dude. It's a girl show.

I think he's funny.

1 point

Delta is a good debater and one of the many friends on this site. Him and I used to talk quite a lot back when he first joined. We still do but not as much because I don't really see him that often online that often.

1 point

he is nice and a good debater ....... :)

1 point

finalmente im en esta no sabes cuánto ive estado esperando para estar en la serie de atención

yo pense que estavas jugando.... ohmygosh (even though I'm late) congrats.