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This is the Ninetieth in an ongoing series of spotlight debates. The purpose of the debate is to "roast" the user (and when I say "roast", I mean in a nice way). Please share all the good, humorous, and otherwise positive aspects about this important member of our community. Don't worry, I will be creating one of these every few days so your name may show up next!

 But, don't expect to see yourself here until you reach at least 1000 points!


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3 points

An angry Buddhist .

I'm going to admit I'm not half as serene as I would like to think I am but I'm working on that.


Word of advice: Don't get caught in a web of fries. ;)

He's one of my allies and I only have three, so obviously he's cool (I had 4, but one of them has sex with his dog so he had to go), but yeah, Eccentric is alright.

1 point

A reicht-wing capitalist imperialist industrialist swine if ever there was one.

But we love him none the less :)

1 point

I disagree with him on a lot of issues... but he's still a pretty cool dude.

1 point

Oh, this guy...

He is passionate about his beliefs, and I love that. He needs to relax though, but so do I, so I won't judge. :)

For some reason I can not reply to that message you sent me so I will tell you here. I am sorry I have been to uptight and have taken things personally and accept the truce.

Thanks hun. i am grateful. :)

Interesting person. Very reasonable and has a good head. Could improve grammatical skill though.

1 point

he gets really hyper when he argues, but he's cool. and he's only 14. he's the only one i think. ;)

I think he gets me now ;)